Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Yard: 2/19/19

My first official real-time yard post at the new house.
Kinda exciting.

Most of you know, I am not a winter gardener.
I hate to be cold.
I have zero desire to be out working in the dirt anytime between October and March.
Okay, sometimes we get nice days in February, but this year so far has been a bust.

I went out one day over the weekend with my pruners, thinking I'd tackle at least one of the kagillion pruning projects, and was immediately overwhelmed.
So I cleaned out raised beds instead.
I couldn't feel my fingers when I was done, so I headed back inside.
Then yesterday was in the mid-forties, with sunny skies, so I went out again and weeded the Rainbow Garden.
It was several hours worth, so I felt like I accomplished something.
Other than that, the only time I've been out there is for watering the greenhouse plants, or brief spurts with my camera.
All of these photos were taken on Tuesday.

I had never grown snowdrops (Galanthus) before.
Can you believe it?
I inherited quite a few patches of double flowered ones with the house.
I moved some around last spring to places I could see out the windows.
They're so dang cute.
These, coming up through the thyme, are in the septic tank bed.

A tiny clump in The Garden.

Under the hydrangeas next to the porch.
One of the things still on the to-prune list.

The daffodils are popping up all over the place.
I was in shock last year when I saw how many were here.
It's really quite amazing.
None blooming yet, but lots with buds showing.

The inherited Nandina out the kitchen window is loaded with berries.

This crazy hebe in the front yard has been blooming all winter.
I brought it from the old house.

I got several free candytuft (Iberis) babies our first summer here.
These out front are just starting to bloom.
No tag, but the dark center is different than I remember seeing on the ones in the old neighborhood.
Maybe I just never payed that close attention.

Another freebie, also out front, Euphorbia.

Over in the Rainbow Garden, the wallflowers (Erysimum) are blooming their little hearts out.
I bought a purple, orange and yellow off the clearance rack last summer.
The yellow one is alive, but hasn't bloomed since bringing it home.
The other two have had flowers non-stop.
Definitely worth the dollar bill I paid for each.

Over in The Garden, I found a surprise in the bed next to the pond.
A new peony that I bought last year is up and at 'em!
I got two at a street fair we went to and I think this one is 'Coral Sunset.'

And last, I finally did something I've wanted to do for years.
I picked one each of the blooming hellebores and put them in the birdbath.
They are so dang pretty.
I want all the different varieties!
I definitely need some doubles.
These are all from plants I brought with me.
There were a couple here, but they're not blooming yet.

And that's all I've got for today.
The sun is out's so deceiving from this side of the windows...but I think I'll throw on some work clothes and see if I can't get another spot weeded today.
Until next time....


  1. LOVE the birdbath Hellebores! And those wallflowers... how charming are they?

  2. I did that last year with my Hellebores too. It's very satisfying when you have lots of different ones. Are your wallflowers pretty-smelling?

  3. Good on ya! You certainly have a lot of color already! Love the hellebores in the birdbath.

    Stay toasty!

  4. I'm always so jealous of you gardeners in the Pacific Northwest that can get out and putter in February when my gardens are still buried under 3 feet of snow. I do love seeing all your green and growing things though, so that will just have to suffice until I can see mine. Happy gardening or dreaming about it in my case!

  5. Love all your blooms! The snowdrops are so charming. You’re several hours south of me. My garden is still partly covered in snow and this morning it’s a snow/rain mix. I’m so ready for spring! I went to the Seattle Flower and Garden Festival and it was magnificent! Just the fix I needed right now. Happy gardening!

  6. Congratulations on the new place. Won't it be exciting to start afresh. We still have about a foot of snow in my garden, so I am envious of your spring flowers.

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  8. I agree, I hope you'll post again soon. The spring and summer months gone, soon enough Autumn and winter, and I've missed your garden pictures!


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