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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Second Week Of September In The Front Yard

We were back in the 90's over the weekend.  I can't keep up.  It cools down, then it heats back up again. Rain is in the forecast for the coming week, and it will not hurt my feelings even a little bit to not have to water.

All that being said, it definitely looks like fall in the garden.  Not just the reds and oranges, but the light.  The sun during the day has a fall glow to it.

This dahlia just started booming.
It's a new one this year, another $2 Winco bulb.
The color is nothing like the photo on the box, but that's okay.  I wasn't really expecting a blue flower anyway.
It's another dinner plate called, 'Blue Bell.'
I love how dark the stems are.

Down a little lower in the same area, the white Spiderwort that my mom gave me a piece of has started to bloom.

I bought the annual Vinca when I redid the path, and it has turned out to be a great plant.
I hope I find it earlier in the season next year.

I love all the Coleus this time of year.
It's time to start letting them bloom I think.
Normally I pinch off the flowers, but they're fighting me tooth and nail at this point

The Zinnias are still goin'.
And this is the only time of year that I don't curse the orange and red ones that came in the mixed packs.

I don't know what took it so dang long, but the hanging pot of Begonias is finally taking off.

I took some more photos of the front of the house, where I took the Rhodies out early this summer.
I just can't get over how much better it is.
Why did I wait 13 years to do that?!

I was originally gonna yank all the Lamb's Ear out, but I'm really glad I left it.
I like it again.

And I have to show you my freebies.
I have no idea what in the world I'm going to do with these, but I just had to haul them home.
Two crates.
Any suggestions?

I thought about planting them, but I'd have to line them with something, since they're so open on the sides.
Anywho, my other freebie I did plant.  :)
My sister's neighbor had it out on the curb and I snatched it up with the quickness.
Who gets rid of pots like this!?!?

I put it on the front porch and stuck some fall plants in it.
Pictures to come.
I'll leave you with a lone Ivy Geranium flower.
I love them and the worms leave them alone, for the most part.

Have a great week!

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