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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When Rain Is Bad - Very, Very Bad

I was gonna give ya a break from the plant photos today with a food post.  But then this happened.

I knew the rain was coming, and actually was really looking forward to it.  I was thinking I'd need to have the hose surgically removed from my hand if we didn't get get a break from the heat.  But I was reminded this morning of why rain in the middle of July is not a good thing for gardeners.

I went outside to check on things this morning, and when I looked over and saw the Peegee Hydrangea, my stomach sank.  I was afraid to get closer.  I just knew I'd find all the main branches broken off.

THANKFULLY, nothing is broken...yet.  I tried shaking some of the water off, but they're so dang heavy that I feared I'd be the one doing the breaking.  Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this suuuuuckks.
Look at this poor thing!

It makes me sick to my stomach.
And the Peegee isn't the only plant to take a literal beating.  My other hydrangeas, most of the annuals, and tons of tall perennials, are bent over and laying in the dirt.
Luckily, I have a tomato cage at the base of this dahlia, because without that small amount of support, it surely would have been broken off at the base.

The potted Curly Willow is all bent over.

And look at my poor 'David' Phlox.

I couldn't look at any more.  I had to come in the house.
I can only imagine what my poorly staked tomatoes look like.
I don't wanna know.
And it's supposed to rain at least through tomorrow.
My stomach can't take it.
I'm gonna go rock myself in the corner now.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rock Farm Fourth Of July 2014

I figured I wouldn't wait until next year to post these like I did with our 2013 trip.

Same people, same dogs, same games, same heat.  Only one snake and it wasn't a rattler this time. Thankfully.

Here's our 2014, 4th of July trip, in photos:

In all my Rock Farm posts over the years, I don't think I've ever had a picture of the outhouse.

The Dog in her home away from home.
She loves the Rock Farm.

The kids, and The Dad, had lots of blow-up pool time.

I have no idea.

Baby spent an enormous amount of time in the swing.

Sneaking video games with uncle.
You can tell by his facial expressions that I've been spotted by my nephew.

And it slowly gets put back in the pocket.
Slick, guys.

Most of the competition took place on Saturday, the 5th, but there isn't a whole lot of photo evidence.
Probably better that way.

Mostly, it was life as usual up there.
A lot of relaxing.

An almost water fight between The Kid and my aunt.
And Annie, the dog.

Blueberries, raspberries, orange juice, mint, vodka, ice, and a blender.
Did not suck even a little bit.

The Dog again.

Her "selfie" by my BIL.

The view out the back door from the couch.

The most amazing sunset.
Mt. Hood is in the distance.

And some of my new favorite pictures of the kids.

This is Mt. Jefferson.

More crazy sky pics.

Cool, huh?
The pink fluffy ones were like cotton candy.

And finally, I'll leave you with more of the monsters.

Don't worry, we feed him.
He's built like his mama was.

Oh wait, one more thing.
(I told you I'd post 'em, Sherwin.)
So picture my brother-in-law, standing in front of me, laughing, talkin' all kinds of smack about the scene he's taking in, 'cause that's what he does.
(It's like we're related or something.)
Now picture me sayin', I don't give a crap, take a picture, I'll even pose for ya, 'cause that's how I roll.
(Yes, my inner gangster finds its way out around him.)
And that's why these photos exist.

And that, my friends, is Mindy in a nutshell.
On a bike, with a beer and a cigarette, ready to pedal to a desert garage sale.
All I'm missing is a wedge of cheese.
And a watering can.
And a bubble over my head with expletives.

You're welcome.

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