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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Backyard: 10/16/16

Looky there, two days in a row.

The yard is waning.
The annuals are done, but I've yet to yank anything.
I could pretend I'll get to it, but they'll be rotting piles of goo until spring, 'cause that's how this gardener rolls.
Let's look at the things that are still pretty, shall we?
This blueberry bush practically glows on gloomy days.

The Fuchsia in The Girl's pot is still lookin' good.
It never did bloom much, but the foliage is really nice.

This Coleus is still gorgeous.

The blueberry bush next to it ain't half bad, either,

I spy my first flowers on an Aster I bought as a plug last year.

The Dogwood is gorgeous right now.
He's still in a pot.
I couldn't commit.

A pulled back view of that area.

I can't for the life of me remember the name of this plant, and I'm too lazy to dig for the tag.
I bought it for the leaves, but it's just now blooming and the flowers are pretty sweet, too.
Is it a Persicaria?  
Crud, I can't remember.

The hardy Fuchsia behind it is going gangbusters right now.
It's insanely pretty when it's covered in flowers.

The Rudbeckia is spittin' out some new flowers and the Crocosmia pods are turning their annual orange.

A pink Japanese Anemone, still hangin' on.

A borrowed bit of red from the neighbor's yard.

The variegated willow is a wee bit out of control right now, to say the least.
Plus, it's soaking wet and flopping from all the rain.

And last, a shot of the 'Wendy's Wish' Salvia.
She's still bloomin' her heart out, much to my neighborhood hummer's delight.

And that's it for out back.
I haven't taken any photos out front in a long time.
I should head out there tomorrow.
I have a Hebe that is SOLID flowers right now and so dang pretty.
We'll see if the weather cooperates.
Until then....

Monday, October 17, 2016

Life Snippets #26

I figured one of these posts was the easiest way to catch up.  I'll go in chronological order.

We adopted a cat.
Meet, Leroy Jenkins Brown.

Bad tablet photos, but this was his first hour in his new home.

He was being fostered by a couple in the neighborhood, who's doorstep he showed up on.
They took him to the vet to check for a chip, got his vaccines updated, and ran some tests to make sure he was a healthy boy.
They figure he's about three years old.

Look at that face.
He's SO sweet.
Talks non-stop and purrs all the time.
And he likes the kids.

He's not a fan of Libby Lou, though.
We're slowly making progress, and he'll allow same room occupation for small spurts, but we don't leave them together unattended.
I'm afraid he'd hurt her.
She's afraid of him, and hides her face every time he's near.
It's actually quite comical.
So there you have it.  A new boy in the house.

I guess our trip to Klamath actually happened before Leroy Brown.
I didn't take a single picture this time, but The Dad had some on his phone.
Libby was with us, and although the pictures aren't great, here are some shots with her mama, Lily and her brother, Troop, from a new litter.

The kids got to feed a couple calves.

The view from their house.

We camped a couple days while we were down there, and floated the river.

Another day was spent at the pool.
The crazy Girl.

The Mom, floatin' with a mimosa.

The Dad's cousin, who is the owner of Libby's mom and the calves, was in town from Klamath Falls for the St. Helen's rodeo with her son last month.
Her daughter, who's the same age as The Kid, stayed at our house.
I caught them outside doing this.

Is that not the sweetest thing?
They were all drawing "specimens" from the yard, with the exception of Baby, who was coloring.

Up next on the docket is inside.
It's officially candle and pumpkin season.

You like that plywood view, don't ya?
Our window is finally at the store, we just need to borrow a trailer, and get blessed with a dry day to go pick it up and install it.
Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

Sleepy dog.

I think that's a pretty good photo purge.
And guess what?  I took more pictures outside yesterday, so I may actually have a post two days in a row.
I know, what a concept.
Thank you to those of you who have sent emails and left comments wondering where in the hell I went.
I replied to those of you who had email addresses attached to your profiles.
No major horrors, just a different season of life.
I've been spending quite a bit of time at the kids' school, as well as just delegating my time to different things that aren't in front of a computer.
You can always holler at me on Facebook here:
The Girl's birthday party is this weekend, so I'll have pictures of that next week.
We're also in the middle of an indoor project, so I should have pictures of that in a few days.
And, of course, Halloween.
Gotta take pics of the kids.
That's all for now.
Have a great Monday!

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