Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 20

And then there was a backsplash.  Almost.

My parents had some packs of tongue and groove cedar planks they weren't going to use, so they passed them on to us.  The Dad got them cut and installed over the weekend.  He found some tiny trim at Home Depot that he used at the base, and where we ended it on the peninsula wall.  I wanted it to be flush with the cabinet, rather than the counter, so the trim was just to finish off that edge.

You can see the strip of trim up against the counter here.

Some more in-progress shots.

He pulled the stove out to do the wall behind it.

You would not BELIEVE the crap that was back there.
Marbles, hot wheels, a toy phone, magnets, a plate, all kinds of stuff.

Here's the whole wall, finished for the night.

I moved all my stuff back over to make dinner.
Does everyone have this much crap on their counters?!
I blame it on a small space.

I went into this 100% certain I would paint the cedar the same white as all our trim.  
Now, I'm kinda undecided.
It's SO pretty.
The cedar is gorgeous.
But it's a lot of wood with the back of the peninsula and the floors.
So today I started priming the small section to the left of the window.

And it proceeded to suck up primer like crazy.

I put a total of four coats on, then got my first coat of semi-gloss trim paint on it tonight.
Sorry, it's dark, no pictures yet.
I put the coffee makin' stuff back over there, and will check it out in the morning to see what I think.

Until then, I took a bunch of pictures of the other side with the natural wood.
Feel free to voice your opinion.
Just ignore all the junk piled on the counters.

It looks really busy to me in photos, but I wonder if, once the ceiling is finished, and if I painted the soffit the same color as the cabinets, if it would still be too busy.
Yes, I know there's a lot of "stuff", but this is real life and it's stayin'.
The blue glass might blend in better up against white, though.

Or should I just suck it up, get over the destruction of the beautiful cedar, and do what I was originally planning - paint, paint, baby.

Your two cents - GO.....


  1. Man this is a tough one friend.....and as far as the stuff is concerned...your "stuff" is pretty and makes your kitchen look like a home which I love! And the cedar rocks! Great choice on planking it up man! I am so doing this to one of my walls in my space! I can not decide! At first I thought go white but then seeing some of your pieces pop against the natural it makes it such a hard call! Let me think on it...either way you rocked it in the material selection and installation!! YAY!!! Keep us posted!!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. I like it natural. ..and I'm super jealous! :)

  3. Loved watching your kitchen remodel. Although I love white kitchens, I vote for cedar. It looked so great.

  4. Love the wood.....so warm and homey....just like the rest of your home!

  5. I did like the natural wood look but how would you keep it maintained and cleaned? What I liked was the contrast and since the wood on the other side of the peninsula looks natural I guess it seemed like a good pick-up to that. It would definitely need a sealer. Since you already painted one area would you consider painting the wood a contrasting color?

  6. Hi, I don't mean to sound like a "know it all", because believe me, I don't, this is just my opinion. But I think painting the planks will look great, but if I were you, I'd get rid of 80% of the things you store on your counter top. Only a very few things will make your kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered. I know it's hard to get rid of things, but less is more in this case. Good luck and you're doing a great job!!! xo

  7. Oh my gosh, I've missed so much! Ok, so I'd go ahead and paint it. It will seal it and you won't have to worry about any time sauce or grease splatter, and will help everything on the counters blend more. Awesome score on the tongue and groove!

  8. I'd say paint it but I would like to see more angles of the painted piece you've already done. I liked the natural look better with all of your stuff there (rather than when it was naked) but I think I would paint if it were me. What's the soffit?

  9. Well, since you already primed some of it, at this point don't you have to go ahead and paint it? Or would you just have that part painted and leave the rest natural? The natural does match the backing on your peninsula, so that looks great. If everything else including walls are going to be white in the kitchen, I would say it would be nice to have the contrast.

  10. Oh, darlin' Mindy...your kitchen is adorable and I LOVE the things on your counter...not cluttered at all, to me. Now...if you really, REALLY don't know which you'd like best, natural or paint, I wonder how it would be to live with it natural for awhile...say, a couple months...then, if you decide you'd like white better, then you could paint it. It looks sooo good both ways...it will be fabulous when you get it all finished.

  11. I think the cedar plank gives your kitchen an element of Pacific Northwest style and character. It rocks... don't paint it!!!! It adds a nice contrast too.

  12. My 2 cents: DON'T paint, yet. I kinda love the natural cedar (of course I would, but it is seriously Gorg). My opinion, live w it for a bit, them decide. I missed what you're doing to finish the ceiling?

  13. I love the cedar and actually gasped when I saw that you were priming it. But that's just me. You have to do what feels right to you. (I'm sending you an email.)

  14. My two cents comes down to a single word: repetition. If you opt not to paint the wood, I would balance things out with repetition. The floor is wood, the backsplash is (potentially) wood. You need to add some wood tones up higher to unify things. Perhaps add a few baskets over the cabinets that have the same color feel as the wood backsplash?

  15. Love the natural wood, as it adds warmth and character, but I also like it painted white. The white makes your kitchen appear more open and brighter.
    Hmmmmm . . . that's a tough one!

  16. Oh wow! You have chosen the right color. I love the natural wood. It's natural beauty always amazes me. Great kitchen remodel! Great job!

  17. That wood finish is exactly what i want to do in our kitchen. My wife has already chosen the counter tops and now all we are left is the floors. Thank you for your insight. For someone who is doing it first hand it is always great to hear from. Keep up all the good work and thank you again.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

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