Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Backyard 7/9/15

I was talkin' to The Dad last night about how long it's been since I've posted and he said, "Everyone will think you're sick."   Not sick.  Or dead.  Just busy.  Around the house and in the yard. The neighborhood garden tour is this weekend, so I'm being my usual neurotic self.  Doing things that no one will notice.  Ha! Plus, we built an outdoor table, I got nine pounds of figs from a neighbor, so I made jam, the zucchini is coming from our own plant, as well as from neighbors, so I'm making stuff with that, hair cut and color today, etc, etc.  Nothing major, just enough to fill my days with things that aren't going through photos and writing posts.

I went out with my camera last Tuesday and just got the pictures off my camera this morning.  I forced myself to sit down and go through them, so that I could get a post written before they're completely out of season.

I'm startin' out back, where the main new bloomers are Crocosmia, Bee Balm, and the 'David' Phlox.

I moved a piece of the regular old orange Crocosmia from the parking strip early this spring, and stuck it in the bed that I've struggled with the past couple of years.

It seems to like it's new home, as do the bumblebees.
I still don't love the bed, but I'm hoping the new stuff I put in this year, will be better next year.
Here are some pulled back shots of the whole area.

It needs a foliage statement piece.

Next, we have 'David.'
He's been in the same spot for several years now and seems to be happy.

Onto the Bee Balm.
I've had this plant for probably 13 years, and have no idea what variety it is.
I know it's reliable and spreads like a weed, so I have plenty to share every year.

Check out the buds on the PeeGee Hydrangea, too!

I bought a new-to-me Cuphea this year called 'Flamenco Cha Cha' and I'm officially in love.
The 'Flamenco Samba' is good too, for future reference.

And last, I'll throw in some pictures of the new table.
It's a beast, at 7 1/2 feet, and I love it to pieces.
We've eaten dinner at it every night since building it last Monday.

The top is at least 50-year old cedar, that we got out of our neighbor's backyard.
For free.
The Dad used his Kregg Jig to join the three pieces.
It was super rough and grey, so I went after it with a rotary sander to knock the sliver makers off, and round out the edges a bit.
I hadn't done it yet in the photos, but I put two coats of paste wax on the top, and plan to put two more.

For the base, I took the metal legs off our old, square, big box store glass-top table, and we reconfigured them to work.

And there ya have it.
I'll be back with parking strip pictures sometime before the week is over.
The Gladiolas and Rudbeckia are blooming!  ;o)
Off to make some curry with chickpeas, potatoes, and beet greens.....


  1. I wasssss wondering where your posts were. ☺️ But, figured correctly that you were busy. That table. Mindy! Love love LOVE it. And your yard is insanely gorgeous right now. Wow.

  2. Cha-Cha is a winner, and your table is beyond awesome,.

  3. You're not dead or absent Mindy, you are alive and living to your heart's content. It shows in all of your beautiful posts. thank you for sharing your 'bee balm', a flowering plant that my mother adored and grew to wild abandon and that always dies on me for whatever reason. your beautiful ever-blooming garden and you have given me renewed hope to try again.

  4. Hey you! I commented last night but something ate my comment! Your beds are amazing! Everything is bursting my friend! And that table! How insane is that! Everything in that space looks and feels like it was supposed to be in that outdoor dining room! Tell the Dad he did good! I bet you all are enjoying that space so much!!! Happy July Mindy! Here is to the flowers! Nicole xo

  5. Your beautiful yard rivals any garden I've seen...just beautiful.
    Love that table and I've always loved your outdoor dining room.
    It is lookin' mighty goood.

  6. Everything looks beautiful. Great Job on the table, it's awesome. What exact color are your bee balm....pink or more red?

  7. Everything looks beautiful. Great Job on the table, it's awesome. What exact color are your bee balm....pink or more red?

  8. I am pretty sure if your neighborhood has a garden contest, you will win hands down! I don't know how you find time to do anything else but garden. The new table is stunning too. I would eat outside every night also. It will be much too soon before we are trapped back in the house for the Winter.So glad to hear you are giving watermelon a second try. I am sure the second time will be the charm for you!

  9. I can see I missed a fabulous show... Wow! And, I LOVE the new table - well done both of you!


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