Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Klamath Falls 2015: The Puppies

So yesterday, you saw the first animal to greet us at the ranch. The baby cow, er, I mean, calf.  It didn't take long for The Girl to find the litter of puppies.  Seven week old Border Collies.  All boys except for one.  The Dad's cousin let the kids get them out of their kennel, and play with them in the yard.  Um, I don't know if there's any better therapy than being in a dog pile with puppies.

The Girl immediately attached herself to the little girl. 

The Kid was grabbing any puppy he could catch.

Mama dog is in the background of this next photo.

Even The Dad got in on the action.

The Girl with the girl.

Baby thought the little girl was pretty darned sweet, too.

I'll end this post with the views from their front yard.

Tomorrow, I have more ranch critter pictures.


  1. "baby cows" and puppies … heaven .

  2. Your children and hubby look so excited to play with the puppies. I bet the puppies loved the attention too!

  3. That is quite a view. I loved these pictures. I could almost hear the giggles.

  4. Such cute pictures and the kids look delighted. I love puppies but have decided no more dogs for us. How tempting this would be though!

  5. Puppies are so instantly adorable and completely loveable.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't bring a little puppy home. No wonder you guys had so much fun!! The views are pretty spectacular too.

  7. Those views, so jealous, those puppies, wow, and your kids! Haven't checked in on your blog for a while, the baby is most definitely a young lady now. Everyone looks as if they are having a fab time

  8. So, the assumption would be that one of the puppies now has a new home w/ all of you. I know how hard it is after losing one, but the look the kids have says it all..........

  9. Gorgeous view!!
    And how crazy cute are those pups!!
    I hope you took the girl pup home :0)


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