Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Deck & Patio: 6/16/16

I figured I'd just do a post on a small area, rather than the whole backyard.  The goal is to keep the photo count to a minimum this time around, as I play catch up.

So each of these pictures were taken either from the deck or the patio.

I've had this guy since my first apartment.
He held onions and garlic on the counter for years.
I dug him out of a garage cupboard and stuck an annual Verbena in him.

Random views.

The first flowers on a Salvia patens 'Cobalt', that overwintered again.

My Brugmansia has grown a ton in the last couple weeks, and the Honeysuckle is blooming now.

Another annual Verbena.

I resanded the table that The Dad built last year, and sealed it with something different.
The wax just wasn't gonna cut it for outdoors.

I stuck a new-to-me vine in the big planter with all the Begonias that come back solid every year.
Bleeding Heart Vine, or Dicentra scandens.
I'm excited for the first flower.

This guy seems to be happy on his summer vacation outside.

 I painted the French doors black recently and LOVE them so much more.

And last, a sweet little Begonia that jumped in my cart on one of many nursery stops.

And that's it for the deck and patio edition.
I'll head out front with my camera next.

A lot of you have asked me to do an update on my sister.
I promise I will.
She's scheduled to go home on Monday, so that's fantastic news.
I'll attempt a detailed post in the next few days.


  1. Amazing!!!! Everything looks so lovely. What a place to hang out! I have to ask, how many containers of flowers do you have? How do you keep them all watered? I try to keep my pots and containers to a minimum because with too many I just can't keep them all watered. I am much too busy working in my flower beds. I add more and more every year but I don't think I could ever handle as many as you have! Do any of your deck or yard decor get messed up due to heavy storms? I swear every time I get everything looking nice, we have a storm and the next day I am crying over the destruction. Right now I have squirrels digging in all my flowers beds to dig up their stupid walnuts. Makes me so mad. They fling the mulch everywhere and dig the dirt up over the mulch. I swear with the rabbits eating my annuals I grew from seed, squirrels digging up my flower beds and the many other rodents doing their damage, oh and the rain and wind...I swear I am going to give up gardening. Hahahahahaha

  2. So glad to read the update about your sister. I lovev all the planters, shelves, etc on your fence. I csnno get salvia patens to over winter. Are you doing anything special to help it?


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