Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life Snippets #29

It's photo purge time.

For those of you not in Oregon, and clueless to our climate, we have had the craziest couple batches of weather over the last two months.
Snow, snow, ice, snow, snow and more ice.
The city all but shut down.
The kids were out of school for DAYS.
The Dad was off work for DAYS.
Our house became the pit stop for school families and neighbors, popping in, hanging out, drinking, eating, going to The Hill for sledding.
It was so much fun and just what the doctored ordered, because whatever I had going on, that no one could diagnose, magically disappeared.

So these photos are from our first batch of snow, and the first round of the kids being home from school.

The driveway was so dang pretty, all dusted in white, and we were pretty darned excited to see this much snow.

Then, a week, (or two??? It's all a blur.) later, Snowpocalypse happened.
It started at 2:00 in the afternoon and snowed like crazy for hours.

Opening up the driveway door, and seeing this, after only a short time, was a BIG deal for us Portland folk.

So much so, that I had to go out on the porch and take pictures there, too.

And then, to the back.
It's so crazy how much light it reflects.
It was so bright out, even after the sun had gone down.
And Libby Lou thought she had died and gone to heaven.

I just can't get over how bright out it was.
These photos were all taken at night.

Our temps never got above freezing for the next five or so days, so the snow stayed.
And stayed.
Which began the parental and neighbor binge drinking.
The next morning, I was out with my Champagne, taking more pictures in the daylight.

The Dad said it was twelve inches.

Look at this, you guys.
It was SO amazingly beautiful.
I know some of you are used to a white winter, and this is nothing compared to other parts of the country, but for us, Big Deal.
It was perfection.
Although, as a gardener, I may not be singing the snow's praises when spring comes and I have casualties.
But until then....look at this tiny slice of heaven.

She played with a soccer ball in the snow any chance she got.
She went sledding with the kids on a big hill in our 'hood numerous times.
I kept worrying about her poor little feet, but I don't think she ever held still long enough to touch the ground.
She loved it so much.

The Girl got in on the action.

I'll take a Snowpocalypse every year.
Best, time, ever.


  1. Champagne and 9 inches (snicker) of snow sounds like my kind of party!

  2. I think my favorite is the snow on the windmill palm. It looks so fancy. Pretty photos!

  3. Her feet never touched the ground,...ha ha,..probably true. Our little Lucy,....we watch her all the time, fretting and worrying and she looks at us and says,....seriously bitches, this is Canada, wtf are you thinking? as she struts along. Sigh. Your pics are gorgeous and I'm starting to wonder if you have had more snow t han us (jealous).

  4. You have created the prettiest back porch! We had 7" down in the southern burbs..enough to bring things to a screeching halt. It was beautiful and maybe we have one more little hit of winter weather before we get on the road to spring. I'm ready!


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