Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Front Yard & Driveway: 4/1/17

What better day to write my first yard post of the year than April first?  The kids are at their first baseball practice of the season, so I figured I run out with my camera.

So the digging has officially begun.
I started in the parking strip a couple weeks ago, and just the last couple of days, have been hard at it in the backyard.

So far, I have three plant ghettos going.
The plan is to list our house mid-May, so I'm not sure if I want to just keep pots all clustered together where they fit, or take everything over to my mom's in shifts and store them there until we find their new home.
I hate to move things twice, but that may be the best way to go about it.
We'll see.

These are some Winco Daffodil bulbs that have been in the window box by the driveway door for a couple years now.
Did you notice the window in the background a couple pictures up?
The new one is finally in.
After eight years.
It still needs to be trimmed out, but it's in.

These Hyacinths have been in the window box for several years, also.

All my driveway veggie containers have become part of the holding ground.
As well as the area of dirt that belongs to our next door neighbor, that I've been using as a veggie plot for a couple years now.

All of the big containers have several plants crammed into them.
I left pieces of everything that I dug, when possible.
I didn't wanna strip the yard down to nothing.
By the middle of May, it will be one of the selling points, but not if it's barren.

I got a start of this Ribes from my aunt last year.
This is the first time I've seen it bloom.
So sweet.

I have a ton of this Lungwort in the front yard, so I dug a couple chunks to take with me.

Here's a patch of it in the front, with a Hebe in the background that took it in the shorts during all the snow and ice.

Speaking of the front yard, this is the last time I'll see this guy blooming from the kitchen sink.
Awwww, so sad.
But maybe the new place will have enough room to let one go crazy like they're supposed to.
I'm actually sorta surprised this one blooms so good, with the whack jobs he gets throughout the year.

I'm gonna miss my Daphne, too.

A friend gave me a Hydrangea baby last year, so I dug him and stuck him in this pot.

The wheelbarrow got crammed with shade lovers.

A Hellebore, still in the ground.

Buds on some Grape Hyacinths.

Last, a porch pot, with a couple more babies, ready for the move.
And the second, and LAST, new window in.
Woot woot.

And there ya have it.
The first plant post of spring.
It'll be an interesting year, in terms of garden blogging.
Who knows if we'll end up somewhere with beds ready to go, or if it will be a completely blank slate, in which case all these guys may spend an entire year in potted purgatory.
Only time will tell.
It's pretty exciting, though.


  1. I'm glad yo're getting to enjoy one last spring in your garden. Do you have enough pots? I've horded quite a few, even a couple large-ish ones. Let me know if you need them!

  2. I have nursery pots, all sizes too. I'd be happy to give them to you. I'm excited for you family. Living in a safe, family friendly, neighborhood changes everything. Enjoyed your spring bloom post!

  3. Last year about this time, I was doing the same thing. I sent a few trailer loads of plants to a friend who took care of my babies for the summer. Now this year we're in our new place and even though we downsized, we ended up with a bigger yard, which is fine by me. Now, I just wish I'd have potted up more. At the time though, the yard had to be staged so I couldn't leave to many bear spots. And then once it's sold, it's illegal to dig anything else up. Good luck! I will enjoy watching your progress both packing up and at the new place.

  4. Love your yard, especially the Hellebores.

  5. I hope you plan to dig up all of your hellebores. They are so pretty. All of my doubles are blooming right now and they are my new favorite flower.


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