Monday, May 11, 2015

Life Snippets #18

I've got a stockpile of random photos from April, so I'll just start right in.

The poor cat.  He's always such a train wreck.  He got a hematoma in his left ear from an ear infection, and now that it's all healed up, it's bent over and shriveled.  Basically, cauliflower ear.
As I type, he's got another upper respiratory infection.  His back is one giant mat of hair from having colds all winter and not grooming properly.  So we'll probably take him in for a buzz cut, now that the weather is nicer.  If it isn't one thing with him, it's two or three.

As you know, we hosted dinner for out of town friends last month.
I took photos throughout the day to remember it by.

Being busy with prep all day left Baby looking like nobody loved her.

The face.  The hair.
She was a hot mess.

House clean and ready for company.

The wait.

They're here!

Time to eat.

Cheesy, bacony, twice-baked potato casserole.

Salad and veggies.


The day my bud headed back home to Arizona, his step-brother, who we met at the wedding, flew in from Indiana for work.
So we had him over for dinner a couple nights later.

The Dad.

It wasn't exciting enough for it's own post, but I wanted to take a couple progress pics of the veggies in the driveway.
 It's a good way for me to track how things are growing, for next year.
These pictures were taken on April 26th.

The potato tower, which I'm so excited about, is showing signs of life.
I still want to plant something in the top, but haven't decided what yet.

The carrots are actually big enough to see now, and the radishes are doing awesome.
We've eaten them on bread, with butter and salt, and on several salads.
And, of course, just pulling them out, brushing them off, and chomping away.

So good!
And that's it for last month's photo purge.
Somehow, we're already in the middle of May.
Front yard flower pics to come later this week.
Until then...


  1. I'll be looking for the recipe for the veggies. Everything look awesome and fun.

  2. Loving the photos of your peeps! And my little bean has days of messiness a lot...especially since she is the hardest to clean! Your food shots look amazing....your buddies are one lucky crew to be eating at your house!!! And the potato tower! I need to add one of those next year...I was thinking of doing buckets but this looks so much more breathable for the plant. Happy week...cant believe next week we are already heading into memorial day weekend! Crazy! Take care Mindy! Nicole xoxo

  3. Time seems to be flying by. Your dinner party looks like it was a great success! Your kids look to be having a lot of fun now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer. I look at my old calico cat and geesh, getting old sucks! I hope your cat gets better soon.

  4. You are not alone! Two of our cats have had ear hematomas, one on both ears, the other one year. Both cats are crumpled messes!

  5. So fun! I LOVE these posts!
    I have a feeling that you're as good a cook as your are a gardener!! Your family is so blessed to have such a talented Mom/Wife!
    Your menu sounds (and looks) so yummy!
    So fun seeing your family and friends. It looks like everyone had a great time!


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