Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Thoughts & Tidbits: Part 23

I figured I'd give you a break from the flower photos for a day, and rattle my mouth instead.

  • My email spam folder has ads for recipes that use Spam running across the top.
  • Baby:  Mommy, can I go poop in Rodney's litter box?
  • Me:  Can you?!?!?
  • Baby:  Yeah.
  • Me:  Um, no.
  • My favorite genre of movies is, hands down, sports.
  • Two of my top stressers are:  Cooking for someone for the first time and trying to find something to wear when I'm leaving the house.
  • I have an emotional attachment to a lot of my plants.
  • I love leftover, crunchy, room temperature garlic bread.  Love it.
  • Perfectly edged lawns and flower beds make me swoon.
  • Messy edged lawns and flower beds make me twitch.
  • I no longer have any say when it comes to what clothes my girls wear.
  • Let me rephrase that, every time the girls leave the house, it's a fight over what they're going to wear.
  • I might be the only gardener on the planet who doesn't like Black Mondo grass.  I bought a plant in 2001, before it was cool.  I can't get rid of the damn thing.  It refuses to die.
  • I'm beginning to realize that my need for perfection, inside the house and out, might be a wee bit on the extreme end of things.
  • Neither one ever is perfect, therein lies the problem.
  • I'm really looking forward to warm summer evenings.
  • I tried to make this recipe into muffins.  FAIL.
  • I loaned out our lawn mower to someone in the neighborhood today and in exchange, he brought me a bottle of homemade mead.  You have no idea how excited I am about that.  I love our hood.
  • I haven't done an update on The Kid lately, so figured I'd throw that in here:  

He had a follow-up appointment with his neurologist last month, at which time he asked if he could switch from liquid seizure meds to pills.  The liquid was gagging him.  He was taking 2.5 mg in the morning and 5 mg at night, and the lowest dose the pills come in is 5 mg.  So it upped his dose in the morning just a wee bit. Because of that, now that he's been taking the higher dose for a few weeks, he'll go in for blood work in the morning, just to make sure it isn't having a negative effect.  They discovered he was anemic at his last one, so he's on iron now for that.

In addition to the lab work, he has a second EEG scheduled for next week.  They'll do the same testing they did at his first one, when they initially confirmed the seizures.  This time, they'll be looking for any seizure activity that we may be missing.  I haven't seen him have one in a long time, so odds are they won't find anything.

If the EEG comes back clean, and the blood work looks good, we stay on the 2-year plan.  At the two year mark, we can start weaning him off meds to see if he's outgrown them.

I'm not sure I've mentioned it here, but he's been having headaches since he was old enough to verbalize what they were. We started a headache log after his first appointment with the neurologist, and at his follow-up, she diagnosed them as migraines.  At this point, we're trying water.  Lots and lots of water.  He's not a drinker in general, and it isn't unusual for him to go an entire day without having anything to drink until his milk with dinner.  So the water is a tough one.  I'd say he's doing better than he was, but he needs to do even better. I'm going to try flavoring it with lemon, limes, cucumbers, mint, etc, to see if that works.  I feel like it's a habit, that he just needs to get into. The Girl and I drink water all day long.  He and Baby have to be forced.  But we're trying.

If we can get the water consumption up to par, and he's still having migraines, prescription medication is an option.  Not one I'm willing to partake in.  I called his insurance this week to see if they would cover alternative medicine.  As long as we can get a referral from his doctor, acupuncture and a naturopathic doctor are both options.  So I'll look into both of those.

I'm not a hippy dippy when it comes to medicine, but I feel like everything that's going on with him is connected, and could possibly be remedied with something simple like a diet change.  We shall see.

And that's it for today.  Off to get dinner going......


  1. Oh yeah, black mondo grass is pretty much indestructible, as long as you leave it in the ground. Why didn't you dig it up and give it away at the swap? That bunch would have arm-wrestled each other for it.

    Thanks for the update on the Kid. I suffered from migraines my entire adult life, but they came on with puberty and eased greatly with menopause. That's not a solution that would help him. But I agree with you that diet might help. I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I feel way healthier and get fewer headaches on a low-carb/Whole 9 type diet.

  2. You know I love these! First I am so glad to hear that the kid hasn't had a seizure in awhile...that must make you so happy! I will be thinking about you guys while you go through your checkups...I know how stressful it can be as we do it for my little man. And ha....I am waiting for things to get bigger and for my work to get done in certain spots of the yard before I do a walk through as I too suffer from that perfectionism thing....though my overhead shots will include the swings and playhouse but it is what it is! And the girl 2....want nothing to do with me trying to guide them in this department nor do they let me touch their hair....a sign of things to come!! Happy Thursday to you!! Nicole xo

  3. I agree with Alison...we would have arm wrestled for the grass at the plant swap!

  4. Kid talk is so funny. My five year old told me why it is that girls have boobs - his words. I about died laughing. So glad your son is making progress and hopefully you'll get his headaches figured out too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Mindy!
    I've had such a busy week! It feels like I've fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs. Loved reading your random thoughts :0) I had to take a peak at that recipe that you've tried making into muffins. So what didn't work? It's usually easy turn breads into muffins. Have you tried roasting the rhubarb first, to intensify its flavor and lesson its moisture. Roasting fruits and veggies first, and then adding them to batter can make breads and muffins MORE flavorful. Anyway, enough of that.
    I've been thinking of your son for weeks, and have been wondering how he's been doing. Glad to read that he's under good care! Sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope that he develops a better habit for drinking water throughout the day.
    Keep us posted!
    Hey! I think I noticed Hosta growing in your garden. It's so pretty! Do you think it would grow well in my warm weather. Recommendations?
    Have a great weekend Mindy! . . . and Happy Mother's Day!!

  6. I'm glad to hear your son is doing well at this point. My husband has migraines, and was told to drink ginger in his water, or real ginger ale. I am not sure if it helps, sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. I'm also glad you are having him drink a lot of water, perhaps that will help. Take care.

  7. So glad to hear his seizures have gone down! I've been thinking about him a lot lately. Praying things are getting better. I'm horrible about drinking water too. That's where a majority of my headaches come from. For me, having it flavored and adding a straw make a huge difference. Not sure why the straw helps but it does :)


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