Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Evening In The Backyard: 6/14/15

I ran inside to get my camera for a bumblebee the other night, and then it just kept pulling me around the yard.  The photos aren't fantastic, but there are a few new blooms to share.

This little guy was so dang cute, hanging off a verbena.

I wish these photos had turned out better.
This was my first time planting these bulbs and they're super fun.
Fleeting, though, with the weather as hot as it's been.
Peruvian Daffodils.

This is a piece of that same Phlox I have in another part of the garden.

The Passionflower Vine is blooming now.
It's pretty dang cool.

They Hydrangea that my neighbor passed down to me a couple years ago is just starting to bloom.
(Speaking of Hydrangeas, WAIT until you see what I bought today.  Eeeeee.)

The big blue beast is just starting to bloom, as well.

'Tis a good year for the Wild Impatiens.

The Evening Primrose is solid flowers.

And last, a few pulled back shots.

Happy gardening!


  1. Oh, that is a gorgeous daffodil. I can see it in a beautiful wedding headpiece. And, I think there is nothing more darling in a garden than bumble bees on verbena :)

  2. I love those last few shots of the garden. The entire vignette needs to be in a magazine. I can't tell whether those are photos of your new hydrangea or if they're shots of the ones you already have. ... Did the Impatiens I sent home with you survive? It was awfully hot that day. ... That Passion vine is to die for. Wow!

  3. I really love that daffodil. Totally envious of that passion vine. This was the first year I ever tried to grow it. I started it from seed so I doubt it will even flower this year. My evening primrose is solid flowers too! What did you get now?? :)

  4. I love how your wild geranium is growing all together in clumps. I had a friend give me one a couple of years ago and they spread where I have little ones popping up everywhere, but not together. I love how they look growing this way. I'm going to dig up all of them and group them together. Love it!


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