Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Backyard: 6/17/15

We're headed out back again.  When I was out taking pictures of the Hydrangeas last week, of course I had to snap a few others, as well.

I just can't get over these passion flowers.  They're so cool.
And the honeybees LOVE them.

Official proof that I'll stick a plant in anything.
This would be a curbside sconce find.

I rearranged some things, hahahahahaha, and moved the fountain from where it's been in the yard for years, to the deck.
Now I can hear it from my bed.
The big planter seems to be taking forever to fill in this year.

The fountain is in the back corner now.

The sun coming up over the back fence in the mornings is so dang pretty.

The bumblebee Verbena from a previous post.
I used to fight this stuff, now I embrace it.
This batch came up solid in a pot, so I just left it.

This corner has been slow to fill in, flower-wise, but the greens are so pretty.

When I moved the fountain, I was able to move the ladder over to its old spot.
Now the 'Otto's Thrill' Dahlia has more light and has taken off like wild fire.

I put a couple of my mini Hostas in a pot with Baby Tears and a little spring blooming Anemone, and it's so green and pretty you just wanna roll around in it.

I am so irritated with all the hardy Fuchsias I bought at Joy Creek last year.
Not a single one of them is doing ANYthing.
One even croaked.
Did I mention it's irritating?
I've had this one for 14 years and it never disappoints.

Wanna know what else is irritating?  My grass is turning brown already.
It's only June!
It's been so dry and so hot for so long, there's not much I can do about it.
I fertilized it the other day, so we'll see what happens.

Remember my mystery plant that was coming back in a pot early this spring?
The one I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was.
Well my shot in the dark guess was correct.
It's a Cuphea.

Oh Phlox, how I love thee.

See that super tall Liatris bud, getting ready to bloom?
Yeah, the kids broke it off this morning.

More proof that I'll plant anything.

The Girl's pot is really filling in.
No flowers on her Fuchsia yet, though.
The foliage alone is enough for me.  It's so bright and pretty.

All the window boxes are filling in, too.
I put Begonias in with the Fuchsias that wintered over this year, instead of Impatiens.
They seem to like it.

We're getting handfuls of berries off the two blueberry bushes every day now.
Or I should say, Baby is getting handfuls.
She shares, though.

Things are happenin' under the tree.
The Evening Primrose and Wild Impatiens are bloomin' solid.

I'm so happy with the Brunnera I bought this spring.

I got this new one from Grace when we visited last month.
I love the color.

A lot of the Hostas are starting to bloom.
It seems early to me.

On the south side of the house, the potted hanging Fuchsias are starting to take off, the floppy Campanula is trying to convince me not to yank it, a hand-me-down Clematis from my mom has a few flowers, the little potted trees are smiling, and the Veronica spires are standing up straight.

And last, my cute little pink Lathyrus has tripled in size over the past few weeks, and now he's bloomin' again.

Wow, that was a lotta pictures.
Until next time...


  1. You gave me some great ideas by looking at your vignettes buddy! Holy cow! I don't even know where to start! Your containers all look so beautiful! And I love that shot of the purple phlox with the lime green below it....what is that??? Ladys Mantle? I couldn't tell. Off to pin my friend...The back is gorgeous! And just wanted to let you know that it has been so long since I have checked my blog emails...hope to do it today! Happy Wednesday to you!! AMAZING! Nicole xo

  2. Sorry the fuchsia are a disappointment. Everything else looks incredible . Happy gardening!

  3. It was a great idea to move the fountain to a place you can appreciate it better. By chance we can hear our fountain from our bedroom window. Very relaxing! Your garden is looking great at the end of June. I love the metal containers on the fence. Your purple phlox is sooo pretty. If you were closer, I'd be asking for a piece.

  4. Well, I'll be damned. Your Lathyrus is blooming again! It's so pretty too. I'll have to look at mine. I love all your photos and pinned some of them. The structure on your tree (the photo with the brunnera and evening primrose) amazes me. It has so much character. I see corn leaves next to the latter. Is that the corn from me? Why in the heck didn't it color up? I have some like that too but they're much smaller so I figured they just needed to grow before they take on the pink tones. I've got a few that are really big and they have the color so who knows? Please feel free to rip it out if it isn't what you want. I know real estate is precious.

  5. Yeah, that was a ton of photos but they were awesome. Well I try not to sound like a big know it all, but I think the joy creek fuchsias need to be established in a bigger pot before going in the ground. Maybe that is total bs but I had a few of their fuchsias croak out on me too and I think a larger root system would have helped them get to through the winter.


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