Monday, October 5, 2015

Crater Lake 2015

The kids and I had never been to Crater Lake before, so I figured it would be silly not to make the detour on our way home from Klamath Falls.

On our way in, we decided to stop at a park that The Dad's cousin recommended.
She was not exaggerating when she described the color of the water.
It was an amazing turquoise and so, so pretty.

Isn't that somethin'?
I had to take a picture of a cute little chipmunk, too.
He's climbing the tree.


Next stop, Crater Lake.
Totally worth the extra hour or so that it added to our drive.

The fam, including the new addition.

I was happy to sit down.
The whole time I felt like I was gonna fall off the edge, and would have preferred to crawl around on the path.

It was pretty amazing.
Have you been?


  1. I've been twice... once as a teen and twelve years ago with my husband. We got our free pass and we were going to go this year with the kids but the wildfires were burning there so we went to the beach instead. The kids will always remember the summer they got their puppy. It looks like you had a great time.

  2. Wow. Gorgeous hardly describes your photos!
    What a beautiful place. Doesn't even look real!!!
    Love seeing your sweet family (and that cute pup), too!

  3. I think the lake while pretty is kinda boring. There are lots of kid friendly short hikes. We went on a

  4. Your pictures are stunning. The water is beautiful. Glad you and your family enjoyed your day together.

  5. What a gorgeous place! That water is amazing. Loved the family pictures -- and the puppy:)

    1. It was pretty spectacular, that's for sure.

  6. We went to CL back when my 32 year old son was a little tyke. It scared the freaking daylights out of me, a toddler running around with those horrific drop-offs. So I held on tight and had myself a royal panic attack before it was all said and done. But it is a gorgeous place for sure. It's funny that there are still chipmunks there. I remember how cute they were and that we fed them. Your photos definitely do it justice.

  7. I love your blog:) Have a nice weekend!

  8. Crater Lake is still on my bucket list. Kind of dumb since we live so relatively close, but it seems so hard to make it happen. I'm glad you all got to see it! For now, I will use your photos as a kick in the butt to get our act together and go. It is a spectacular place for sure...

  9. Great photos...and you are such a doll....and your family is precious.
    I have a good friend that lived in Klamath Falls and I always planned to go see her...She talked of this beautiful place.
    She has since moved to Oklahoma......bummer

  10. Wow! The water in both places you stopped was amazing. I love the intensity of Crater Lake, but the glassy turquoise of the first lake (?) in the park was quite incredible.
    I took a look through your last garden post too. Lots of pretty stuff Mindy. I love the white Dahlia!

  11. Am missing your posts. I stop by to check out your flowers. And your cute kids. And the food ideas. And that puppy! And the home improvements. Well, I guess just about everything. You are inspiring. Hope you find more time to write soon.


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