Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Backyard: 10/29/30

I know, it's a yard post.  Crazy, right?  At the tail end of October even.

Our neighbors behind us tore out the fence between our yards about a month ago.  There wasn't a whole lot of actual "tearing" to do.  I had mentioned before that it was literally falling apart.  The guy they have doing it came back a few days later to set posts, and that's where it ended.  For a couple of weeks.  They were wanting the boards to be all reclaimed wood, and I guess he was having a hard time finding enough of one thing.  But this week, the show was back up and running, and he and a buddy worked two days straight. There's still a run of boards to install at the bottom, but for the most part, it's done.
They used metal posts, which I had never seen before, and ran the boards horizontally, opposed to the more traditional vertical fencing.  The boards they used are 2 x 10's, so that thing ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon.
I think it'd look cool stained black.  ;o)

Other than that excitement, not much else is goin' on out there.
I literally haven't done a single thing in the yard for weeks.
Well, unless you count cleaning up dog poop.
But the leaves are changing, the light is different, and mother nature has a way of making even the biggest of messes, look pretty.

Can you spy the visitor in the this next photo?

Our neighbors adopted two kittens, and about the time the fence came down is when they started letting them outside.
So with no barrier, they've become quite smitten with our side of the tracks.

This guy's name is Chaplin.
He's watching the holy terror, of canine persuasion, that lives in my yard.
He hasn't been spotted yet.

He wears a bell, so I hear him a lot, but I don't always see him.
One of these days, he'll let me get close enough to pet him.
Back to the changing leaves, the blueberry bushes are so dang pretty right now.

There aren't a ton of flowers left, but the white Penstemon is still hanging on, the 'Velvet Elvis' is in full glory mode, and the 'Ayesha' Hydrangea decided to spit out another bloom.

I'm thiiiiis close to sticking the Dogwood in the ground.

I love all my little potted trees.
This guys is an Elm and he's been in the same pot for longer than I can remember.
The bottom rotted out years ago, so it's just his root ball holding him in.

Around the south side of the house, the Clematis are still pumpin' out a few blooms, and the Jasmine I transplanted this spring is still puttin' out new growth.

The potted Bald Cypress over there is earning its keep.
(We put the plywood up on the gate to keep the little monster from escaping, until she's too big to squeeze through.)

Isn't that color amazing?

Speaking of the little monster, I had better throw in a couple pictures of her, too.

Miss Libby, my little trouble maker.
She's learning, though.
She asked to go potty outside twice today, so that's BIG progress.
She's a sweet little thing, in spite of her puppy woes.

So that's it for this week.
The Dad turns the big 4-8 tomorrow.  
Then it's Halloween.  
Then it's Christmas.
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Man! Your gardens still look fantastic there! You would never know that you haven't spent time working in them because they look great!

    That fence is awesome-I like that it is different and runs sideways like that...adds lots of do the two new kitties that have "adopted" YOU! lol

    Miss Libby is as cute as can be. Glad she is getting trained. xo Diana

  2. The new fence is very attractive! Cute kitties- once the dog knows about them they'll scatter (mayabe). It's nice to see the plants turning color in your garden. Mine are all yellowed out and dying off. My rose bush hasn't quite given up yet but I probably should cut it back. It keeps getting cooler here so you know what will be coming before we know it. Your puppy is adorable. I don't envy puppy training though. It can be so frustrating.

  3. Love the new fence. They build it so that it looks really good on your side too. Most people try to build their fences with the posts on their neighbors side. I have never seen a bald cypress. That is so cool it changes color like that. Your pup is going to set the gold standard for pups. That is a nice a dog.

  4. That's a great fence. I bet it was a pain in the butt when the old one was down. No wonder you didn't want to go into the garden. Still everything looks fantastic, girl! I l had to pin a few photos to come back to.

  5. Cyprus is lovely and the puppy is adorable!

  6. Miss Libby has the sweetest face. The new fence makes a nice backdrop for your garden. It's nice not to have to do to much in the garden and yet enjoy a few blooms. Belated happy birthday to your hubby!

  7. Since I designed this garden missives have been sent showing the progress. Many building parts are ca. 1870. Did you see the fence? Love my MUSE.chain link


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