Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Minecraft Birthday Party

I'm back with pictures from The Kid's birthday party.  As the post title suggests, he requested a Minecraft party this year.  Not having ever played the game, I had to go online for inspiration.

I'm kinda over the whole idea of spending a bunch of money on decoration crap that ends up in the garbage, so we went pretty minimal this time around.

I had bought this set of characters (?) as a Christmas gift for him, then decided to save it for his birthday.
When he requested the Minecraft theme, I busted it out and used it for decoration.
The Dad and The Girl assembled all the blocks and animals and it all ended up as part of the table centerpiece.
The "grass" has made an appearance at several birthday parties now.
It's just a piece of faux lawn that you can buy on the big rolls at Home Depot.
I bought three pots of the narcissus at the grocery store and repotted them in my own containers.
They'll go out in the yard when they're done blooming.

I did my usual, hanging the balloons from the ceiling.
I used black ones I already had, as well as black streamers, to make the spider in the corner.

I found some free downloadable things to print off for the food.
I hadn't planned on using very many of them, but when The Dad made a beer run that morning, he came home with some candy to use.

Twizzler bites were TNT.

Chocolate covered nuts were coal.

Goldfish crackers for the rotten fish.

The Girl made her own signs for things that didn't have any.

Jelly beans for diamonds and emeralds.

Carrots, along with other veggies. and ranch dip.

I also had sliced apples for the golden apples, and almonds in their shells for the gold, but no pictures.

This didn't have a sign, but it's one of my new favorite appetizers.
Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce blended together with a block of cream cheese.
Soooo yummy.
The last batch I made, I used jalapenos and it's super yummy.

I used some of the extra printables to make a banner for the fireplace.

For the drink, I just bought a jug of green Hawaiian Punch and dubbed it Creeper Juice.
The green cups and napkins are really the only "decoration" I ended up spending any money on.

I threw another extra sign on the wine.  :o)

I don't know what happened, but not a single one of my dinner photos turned out.
I got a new camera lens for Christmas, and apparently I need a lesson on using it.  :/
The Kid requested Dad's famous cabbage rolls, so that's what he got.
I made mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread to go with.

I went the easy route for the cake.
I made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
After frosting the whole thing, I pressed chopped almonds onto the sides for "dirt."
The top got more almonds and then I piped some of the frosting on, that I colored green, to look like grass.
I did buy the little plastic figures to put up on top.
Those stupid things are expensive!
Anywho, here's his Minecraft birthday cake.

And there ya have it.
An easy, and cheap, Minecraft party.
That seems to be the theme so far this year.
Cheap and easy.
We'll see if we can keep that trend going for Baby's birthday party comin' up.


  1. Love all the party details! Your food pictures are making me HUNGRY, especially the cake and cabbage rolls!!! My son used to play that game all the time. Seeing the word, creeper bought back a lot of memories.

  2. Love all the party details! Your food pictures are making me HUNGRY, especially the cake and cabbage rolls!!! My son used to play that game all the time. Seeing the word, creeper bought back a lot of memories.

  3. Had to show my kids this! They loved it! They were yelling the names of things without reading the tags. They love minecraft! You did an excellent job....and doing it on a budget is very impressive!

  4. Happy birthday to your ten year old. Your decorations on-the-cheap were terrific. I bet the kids had a blast. Love the "potion of healing"!

  5. You are such a crafty mama!!! Happy birthday to your little guy! Everything looks amazing!! From the food to your decorations friend! I'm back to blogging…missed visiting here!!! Happy week to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. OOO, what a cute party for a 10 yr old. Happiest Birthday to him...Everything looked just are so good at this kind of thing...I know they all had a really great time.
    p.s. are those goofy people still out on the reserve??

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