Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Driveway: 3/20/16

Figured we'd check in on the driveway this time around.  If you're new here, this is where I grow the majority of our edible plants.  I have several containers, as well as a little strip of dirt that my next door neighbor has donated to the cause.  And, because I'm me, I mix in as many flowers as I can.

The window box and hanging planter greet us at the door.

You can see the Fuchsias overwintered and are comin' on hot and heavy.

The Daffodils are more Winco finds.

On the food side, I used my big trough to house babies that were given to me at the end of last season.
They look so pretty in there, I'm tempted to leave them.
Alas, it's supposed to be the food zone, so they'll all need to find homes in the yard.

I'm LOVING this Himalayan Honeysuckle.
Leycesteria formosa 'Jealousy', if you're fancy.

I've had this raspberry in an extra large growers pot for several years and he just was not loving life.
I made him a caged home in the ground.

The seeds I planted are comin' along.
This is cilantro.

Snap Peas, comin' up with some other thing that I probably stuck down in for a temporary home and now have no idea what it is.
A bulb of some sort.

And last, some lettuce babies and parsley, also mixed in with a few things that need to find homes.

So there ya have it, the driveway as of late.


  1. You have a great start on your herbs and veggies. I love mixing in flowers with veggies. My husband wanted to winter my fuchsia baskets in the garage but they are not looking too hot right now. We'll see if they come out of it or not.

  2. Did you know we have the same set-up? (Stock tanks for veggies that hold new kids over the winter) Great minds!

  3. I also heel plants in one of my troughs. I just took out a bunch of little Verbena bonariensis that spent the winter there so I could put in fresh dirt. Now where to plant them? I need to plant my cilantro seed. Thank you for reminding me. Yours looks great.


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