Monday, April 25, 2016

The Driveway: 4/24/16

We had breaks in the rain yesterday, so I headed out with my camera.  I'll start with the driveway this time.

I scored three half barrels on our neighborhood Facebook gardening page.
For free.
Woot woot.
We filled them with a combo of free fill dirt from a neighbor, and compost that we already had.
When I go to plant them, I'll mix in potting soil on top.
I'm thinkin' all veggies, but we'll see.
I plopped them down in between the Arborvitae, where the roots are so dense, it's impossible to plant in the ground.

The two pots of lettuce have grown quite a bit, but it's still not big enough for a meal.

The snap peas are comin' along, too.

The chives are up and ready to bloom.

The raspberry also has buds.

The runner beans, that I started too early, are pokin' along, but getting new growth.

I stuck in some sunflowers that my mom started from seed.

The Purple Sage has a ton of new growth, and I've got Cosmo babies comin' up.

I bought a Kosmic Kale.
Stupid name, but I think it'll be pretty, and yummy.
I first saw it at Garden Fever, where they only had big pots of it.  I didn't wanna spend what they were asking, so I inquired about 4 inchers.  The gal told me the grower is only doing the big pots.
Well, imagine my surprise when I found it in a 4" at Portland Nursery, from the same grower.
I really like Garden Fever as a nursery, but their customer service could use some work.
They're so unfriendly, that I'm on the cusp of not going back.

And in non-edible news, a pot from last year with Hebe 'Pinocchio' and Salvia 'Fancy Dancer.'

And that's it for the driveway this week.


  1. I bet in another month, all of your pots will be brimming with color!

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