Monday, April 18, 2016

The Front Yard: 4/12/16

To the front yard we go....

She's lucky she's cute.
Look at her path of destruction.

Hence, the sticks poked in everywhere.
So the Snowball Viburnum is in full swing.
I love this plant.

The Maple tree I got for free last year may be moving to a new family.
I don't know what the heck is wrong with the poor ugly thing.
The shape alone isn't doing it any favors.
Any suggestions for things that would make me like it, or is it a lost cause?

The Beauty Bush, aka Weigela, is loaded with buds this year.

I love Hostas.

And Ferns.
Even plain old Sword Ferns.

This is the Euphorbia I bought for The Dad one year 'cause he said he liked them.
That's when I still hated them.
True love I tell ya.
Celosia is another one I hate and he likes.

Blue Wood Hyacinths and my newest Geranium from Little Prince.

The radishes in the sink planter.

Porch pots and a puppy.

And last, the Allium schubertii, that a friend let me dig out of her yard last year, has a bud.

It's barricaded by sticks.
If that dog breaks it off I will hurt her.

And that's it for out front this week.


  1. This is the first year I'm noticing a decent amount of growth on our maple. Not sure if it just takes them a while to get used to their surroundings or what.
    Gorgeous color in your garden. I'm a hosta lover too, but I don't have enough shade to grow 'em.
    I'd love for you to share your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!
    Nice doggy...

  2. Your puppy has turned into a cute dog. Some dogs have a built in digging instinct and I guess you got one! All your plants look great- seeing anything flower at this time of year for me is a joy! We just melted down again from some late snowfalls that we had gotten. I've never seen a maple tree like that. It looks like it's trying to be two types of maple tree. I'd nip off the dark green leaves and anything trying to grow down below on the trunk. It reminds me of a coral bark maple that I had for a while. The leaves are smaller and colorful. I look forward to seeing that allium. I think you need more sticks to protect it!

  3. You've got quite a lot of varieties in your garden:)


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