Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Front Yard: 5/17/16

I finished my brick project yesterday.  The path through the main part of the yard was lined, two high, with them.  Between the kids, the dog, the dirt settling, etc., I was constantly picking them up to restack them.  So I ripped them all out and started over.

I decided to only go one high to line the path, like it used to be, so I ended up with a ton of bricks left over.

The edging along the sidewalk has been plastic bender board since I first took out the lawn.
Over time, random rocks were added to help keep the soil in the beds, and off the sidewalk.
It was long past due for something more functional.
So I pulled up all the rocks, ripped out the bender board, and used the leftover bricks to reline the whole strip.

It's soooooo much better.
Not only does it look better, but after two days of rain, there were no mud rivers running out everywhere.


I was able to widen the path a bit, as well, which is much better.

I still had some leftovers, so I redid the area over by the old sink.
Talk about an improvement.

I stuck the strawberry plants in the ground over here earlier this spring, but other than that, it's just Alyssum that has seeded itself, and a pile of Chickens.
Just having it relined makes it look SO much tidier.

My helper.

The onions in the old sink are about ready to bloom.

The pile of rocks that need a new home.
I haven't decided their destiny yet.


It's getting harder and harder to find homes for my potted trees.
This guy moved here for awhile.

I stuck some Impatiens in the wheelbarrow.

I've got my eye on a beam I wanna make a bench out of, but until then, I drug this chair out of the driveway.

The tomato cage forest.
It's definitely helping.
It doesn't stop her from running the fence line, but it has changed her course to a less destructive one.

This pot moved to where the tree was.
I was excited to see the Primroses blooming again.

This is a mystery Campanula that I adopted last year.

I really shouldn't say this out loud, but Miss Tina is ALWAYS covered in blackspot by now.
I've only picked off a few leaves.
Maybe she's gonna give me a break this year.
Or, maybe she'll be naked in a week.

If you look close, you'll see the Phlox in the background is already covered in mildew.


Another new adopted baby.
Tradescantia 'Bilberry Ice', aka, Spiderwort.

 Penstemon 'Sour Grapes'.

Happy window box.

The little peanut.

A new use for a few of my insulators.
Hose guides!

Sliver guards.

Hosta and Corydalis.

My old window weight.

A few more pulled back shots.

Lilies that The Dad bought me yeeeeeaaaaaars ago, are just now opening.

White Spiderwort.

A Hebe that's almost ready to explode.

And finally, Libby Lou Who, being a good girl.
I knew she had it in her.

Watchin' bugs.

And that's the lastest out front.
Today, my gloves and I are headin' to the backyard....


  1. Love it!!! So beautiful and peaceful

  2. Great post. Shows how interesting, and private, a front yard can be sans lawn.

  3. Your yard is just so beautiful! You have so many different plants and flowers.

  4. Nice work with the insulator hose guards! And that pile of rocks? Throw a little soil over the top and you've got a fine place to start planting agaves. Just sayin...

  5. Your photos are really touching. They are full of simple greens life. It seems like I can smell greens through your photos.


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