Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Front Yard: 5/2/16

We're back out front, in the destruction zone.  I swear, that dog is KILLING me.  She destroyed a whole section yesterday and I almost cried.  I think I'm gonna stick tomato cages in where she's doing the most damage.  She tore a Hosta to shreds, from repeatedly running over the top of it.  I don't let her out there unsupervised anymore, but a friend stopped by, Baby had her bike on the sidewalk, and Libby proceeded to run back and forth, corner to corner, chasing her.  GAH.

Anyyyyyway, my Schubertii has been spared, and the individual flowers are now opening.

I snapped another couple pics of the pink Columbine.
It is so dang sweet.

This is the walkway I referenced in my last post.  
It leads from the driveway to the front door, and the gate on the other side, just for reference.

The area under the ornamental cherry tree is where the majority of the deaths are happening.
I'm trying all sorts of things to keep her out of there.
I dug an old wheelbarrow out of purgatory.
It was here when I bought the house, and I decided to drill holes in it and plant it.
I put it over the old Magnolia stump, where the big barrel that rotted used to sit.  It blocks one of the main thoroughfares.

So far, I stuck in an Ajuga and a few Coleus.

The other side of the tree, closer to the fence, is where I think I'm gonna stick in the tomato cages.
At least until things can get a hold on life.
I adopted a Rodgersia podophylla over the weekend, and it went into the danger zone.  If she shreds it, I'll kill her.

You can see the partially massacred Hosta in the background, with more scattered leaves in the foreground.

Here are some better shots of the Maple I whacked off.
If it doesn't fill in after this, it's going bye bye.

The Tina Rose is starting to bloom now.

Check out what's goin' on across the street.
They removed ALL the lawn, up in the yard, and in the parking strip.

And last, the Pacific Coast Iris I adopted last year got one flower, and I adopted a new one last weekend, that was already in bloom.
This is last year's.

And my new baby, that I stuck in front of the Hyssop, aka, Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee', is called 'Drives You Wild.'

Aren't they pretty?!
I love adopted babies.
Okay, off to accomplish something.....


  1. I do love PCIs. There will be lots more to adopt at the swap today. That one called 'Drives You Wild' does exactly what it says on the label. I don't have a dog, but I do have marauding raccoons, so I can commiserate on the damage. I'm giving tomato cages a go too.

  2. You have an exuberant dog, I have voracious deer! Both are gardening challenges!

  3. I love that Schubertii. I got that last year and was so excited to see it come up this year and so far nothing. Little bummed about it. I do have seeds from last years plant, thinking about trying to plant them to see if that works. Have you ever tried to plant their seeds? Does it work? Wow, what's going on across the street? Do you know their plans? I am laughing....what do you think of that nice bright blue house? Laughing because few years ago someone bought a house near us and the first thing they did was cut down almost every single pine tree around their property which took away some of our privacy in our way back yard), then the very next thing they did was paint their house a very bright blue! ugh I feel for ya with the puppy destroying some of your plants....guess you should be happy that she isn't literally digging them out or digging massive holes in the flower beds. lol Are you guys back to sunshine and warm temps? This weekend the weather was beautiful and I got tons of gardening in!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got the best Mother's Day gifts....2 garden arbors and flowers. I am in love with my new arbors. Happy Gardening!

  4. Your front garden is so beautiful. I love the wide shots, especially the sidewalk shot. That iris is to die for.

  5. Your garden must be the talk of the town! If not, they must be admiring it in the neighborhood for sure! I love the Schubertii and have never seen one! Beautiful, Mindy!


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