Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Snow Day

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for.....

Yep, yesterday we got our first snow on the ground since moving out here.
It's gone already, but boy was it pretty while it lasted.

I got the phone call at o'dark thirty for a two-hour school delay.
Later that morning, they called it off completely.
So the kiddos got a snow day.
The little one was stoked.
She and I were the first ones out in it.
I, with my camera.

I walked around the whole yard taking pictures.
How could I not?!
Man, was it pretty.


The girls, feathered and furry, thought it was a wee bit cold for their taste.

Even the messy garden looked pretty with a blanket of white on it.

The old dead walnut tree was magical.

And a few more, just for kicks.

Magic I tell ya.

Until next time.....


  1. Your pictures are simply amazing! I, however, am so over snow right now. Here in Minnesota, we have about a foot on the ground and more on the way next week. I'm so ready for spring.

    1. It's such a novelty to me, so it's super exciting when we get it. I certainly would be quick to burn out in your neck of the woods, though. I like knowing we won't be held hostage for weeks at a time. Ha!

  2. We miss you! Hope all is well.


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