Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Thoughts & Tidbits: Part 16

My brain is busy this week.

  • The eating frenzy, that is December, has taken a toll on my skin.  For the last three weeks, my face has looked like I'm 16.  At one point, Baby kept pointing at a zit on my chin saying, "nipple."  Fantastic.
  • Speaking of nipples, I got three new bras with Christmas gift certificates.  Ahhh, Calgon, take me away.  It was time.
  • Speaking of bras, you know those women who are showered, dressed, and have makeup on before their husbands are even out of bed to see them?  I'm the opposite of that.
  • I was at Home Depot with The Girl last month, and we were trolling the Christmas decoration aisle.  She says, "I wanna see Santa slayed!"  Huh?!  "I wanna see Santa slayed!"  I look up and see a life-size sleigh on the top shelf.  Ohhhhhhh.
  • The new Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and West Elm catalogs came this week.  I want to sell all my shit and build a new house.
  • The Kid turns 8 this month.  What the what?!
  • I'm making a brooch bridal bouquet for a friend.  My hands are covered in tiny cuts.  It's a good thing I'm not a hand model.  Or a professional lime juicer.
  • Baby is a brat.  Baby is sooooo sweet, but Baby is a brat.  Third child syndrome.
  • I don't make new year's resolutions, but it's that time of year when you tend to reflect on all your F-ed up-edness.  And ponder ways to fix your flaws.  In lieu of that, I'll be purging and rearranging my whole house.  'Cause that's what I do.  Make the surroundings pretty to calm the chaos in the head.
  • Speaking of flaws, have you taken the RHETI personality test?  Here's the link for the sampler platter test:  Answer 36 (completely random "how could this have anything to do with anything") questions, and prepare to be amazed.  Okay, maybe it's only me that it was written for, but it dialed me in EXACTLY.  Like, I may have been lookin' around for hidden cameras or Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I was being Punked.  It'll give ya a little one-paragraph lowdown, but if you click your number, it will break your personality down into a full report.  I'm a 4, in case anyone wants a sneak peak into my crazy.  If you read my full report, you may never come back.  Or, you'll be like my neighbor and my phone will ring with an, "Ahhhh, you poor, poor thing," on the other end.
  • Remember when I only had two kids and I made fun lunches every Friday?  Yeah, good times.
  • I'm on the cusp of putting some flower photos in my Etsy shop.  Ya know, the one I set up two years ago and never put anything in?  Yeah, that one.  I may need some encouragement.  Hint, hint.
  • Stir-fry for dinner tonight.  I best be gettin' on that......


  1. A pimple nipple, that's fabulous. It took me into my 40s to find a bra that actually fit me, so I'm chorusing with your 'ahhhh'. Please let us know when your photos are up in the etsy shop, which will be some time before,...say,...Monday,...right? (was that encouragement or bullying?)

  2. I just laughed out loud at all of this. My daughter has been pointing out my blemishes too! But the whole bra thing and the women who are put together like they woke up like that... well beyonce has a new song and one of the lines is, "I woke up like this!" If only... well no one took a single photo of me over the holidays which really pisses me off so I put up a new photo of moiself from my honeymoon and said I woke up like this!!! And I did ;) I'd love to see your prints in the etsy shop!!

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