Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Word Up Wednesday #5

Hey, remember when I started that Word Up Wednesday series and then it stopped abruptly?   Yeah, that was fun.  Let's do another one.

I was goin' with themes for a minute there, but this one's gonna be random.  With a wee bit of Valentine's Day thrown in for the season.


Wine friend

That's crazy!

I know it says Teenager, but who are we kidding.


Bahahahaha - Valentine's Day

I've waited tables and as mean as this is, it would have been a really fun night at work.

Naughty Server

Just plain hilarious.

Bah!  ...licked her face...

This will never happen to me.
I eat it all.

Regrets in life…

Last bite closure

You know we all have one of these somewhere in the past.

loved and lost

 A beef smile.
And how much do I love the person that would take the time to embroider that on a napkin?!

Beef smile

This is a fact.

Have My Life Together

Most days.

Another Day

Almost every time.

Almost every time.

Lest you think I only have a smart-ass, sarcastic side.

To plant a garden...

Julia Child Quote

Must have flowers.


You Can Go Your Own Way

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it

Okay, enough feel good.
Let's end on a laugh-out-loud note.

Made me giggle

You don't know me.




Bring it on. I'm ready.

Me and the kids this Saturday for Baby's birthday.

Slice it up!

Yeah, we totally need to resurrect this series.

You can find all of these, (and more!) on my Words To Live By Pinterest board.


  1. Heck yeah you need to bring this series back...back and blazing lady! I haven't laughed out loud so hard in such a long time...these were flipping brilliant! Really...Where in the world did you find these! I am still laughing...no serious I am still laughing!!!! The skinny chick one..oh my how many times have I heard that one..forgot to eat...who forgets! Thanks friend! You made my night!!! Nic

  2. I have actually told the family that we are a nice, normal family :)
    It is possible I'd be a ruined woman if the internet was then what it is now, and I don't think I did anything that bad either.
    My **it is together when the panties match the bra and everything else.
    My glass of wine does need a friend.
    You would not believe how many of these are my truth. Ha ha!

  3. Cake time fukahs?! Freaking hilarious. Bah ha ha,....can't stop laughing at that one. They were all good though. Awesome.


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