Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February In The Garden

Even with our late snow and ice, the yard is showing signs of life. It's still too stinkin' cold for this fair weather gardener to be out puttering, but I did do a walk through to see what was happening.

I was surprised to find my pot of chives is comin' along quite a bit.

Oregon's infamous moss.

Not long now and the tiny daffodils will be blooming.

I spy a columbine.

The very first marsh marigold bud.
They'll be threatening to take over the entire property in no time.

The blueberry bushes are just startin' to show signs of life.

All the different sedums are starting to green up.

The clematis are starting to leaf out.

All the primroses are starting to bloom.
And as you can see, the slugs clearly are not deterred by the cold weather.
How are they out already?!

I love the way this barberry looks when it first starts getting leaves.

The honeysuckle I put in late last year made it.

And last, but not least, the hellebore that never ceases to impress.
This sucker gives 110% every year.
My other ones are just starting to get new leaves, but no flowers yet.

So that's what's happening in the backyard.
Any signs of spring at your house yet?

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  1. Ha! You know the answer to that friend! Those hellebores are gorgeous! Love that color! And to see the first buds showing is just amazing! And your moss is stunning!!!!!!! How wonderful to be able to see spring on the way! Did I tell you that we are getting a snow storm this weekend!?!?! They are saying that this is the worst winter on record in Chicago! You take it easy friend....hope your week is going good! Nicole xoxo

  2. What an exciting time in the garden! Can't wait to see more!
    We're mostly focused on our veggie garden right now, but we know our ornamentals will soon be poppin' up all over!

  3. So jealous, I can't wait to do my first walk through and see signs of life out in my gardens. We are still getting hit with snow and very cold temps here in Ohio. Starting to think it may snow until Summer here, lol

  4. These are fabulous shots of your garden. I think your little daffodils are ahead of mine. I have buds but no pops of yellow yet. And your hellebore is very remarkable!

  5. It boggles my mind that you are showing signs of spring already. We had a thaw this past week so there was the dirty mucky sign of spring, quickly replaced by the polar vortex (is that what this bugger is called?), freezing temps and more snow.

  6. The last couple of warm days really helped the garden to wake up a little. I've got a lot of the same greenery you're seeing in your garden, too, but your narcissus are way ahead of mine. My tulips greenery are bigger this year than the narcissus, which is completely backwards from normal, and I used to have a lot of daffs--will need to plant some more come fall!

  7. It's so crazy how other parts of the country are so different than here. I couldn't handle a long winter like that. The rain is enough to make me crazy! :)

  8. Your hellebores are so much nicer than mine. I've got two and both of them are struggling. I think my soil gets too dry in the summer. Your pink one is to die for. Also, I'm writing this a week after you posted it and your plants are farther along than mine are. But today it is up into the 60s! How cool is that? Springtime! Dare we believe it?


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