Monday, September 8, 2014

The End Of August In The Backyard

There isn't a whole heck of a lot new going on in the backyard this late in the season, but my Toad Lily is blooming for the first time, so that's exciting.

My mom gave me a piece of hers this year, so you saw pictures of it blooming at her house in my Yard Crasher post.

Here's mine.

Aren't they cool?

I bought a new Agastache late in the season to fill in where my three-year old 'Black & Blue' Salvia decided not to do anything.
It's my first time growing one.
I sorta love them now.
This one is called 'Heat Wave.'

The Cleome is still goin' strong and my Knock Out tree rose is blooming, again.
I love that thing.

The Clematis on the metal arbor has been spitting out random flowers all summer.
Lucky me.

And last, a Kalonchoe that I had in the house has been blooming nonstop since I brought it outside and gave it some new dirt.
He's happy.

And that's it for now.

Shameless plug alert:  
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  1. Love that toad lily pal! And your path is still rocking up there!!! Just beautiful!!! I hope you are doing well...we are slowing down a bit around here as the back is a war zone with construction...hope to be done soon so the beans have somewhere to play again. Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. So much gorgeousness! I love the shot of the side of the house with the steps leading up. I hope you'll come and share this outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Between your fuchsias, salvias and now agastaches, you MUST have hummingbirds in your garden, right?


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