Monday, September 1, 2014

Yard Crasher #9

I'm back with the last of the photos from my mom's yard.

My mom confirmed that yes, that Salvia from the last post is in fact 'Wendy's Wish.'
She has it in a pot.

The path between the deck and main garden is lined with pots.

I love these big flowered Cuphea.
She got two this year and I never found a single one.

Another plant that I failed with this year, and hers is thriving, Angelonia.

Pink Scaveola or Fan Flower.

Another Cuphea.  I love this one.

A wine red colored Dahlia.


A pot full of goodness.

A ground or bush-style Clematis that she got last year and I can't remember the name of it.

At the end of that main path is the fence, and another flower bed, of course.
Her Jasmine was solid flowers.

Profusion Zinnias.

'Autumn Joy' Sedum.

A white Hydrangea, that's turning pink.
I'm inheriting it next spring.
It's gettin' too cooked in this spot and she can't find another shady home for it.
So it's coming to live with me.

More pots.


Another Angelonia that far surpassed my measly plants.

Cilantro flowers.

The potting bench, aka, another flat surface to put plants on.

Lewisia, bloomin' its little heart out.

A funnel.

On the deck, next to the house, is Fuchsia Row.

A cute little car.

Her Manzanita.

Around the corner, on the other side of the house, is the compost area, her potting area, and more plants.
I somehow forgot to take pictures of that whole side.
But at the corner of the house, before you head around to the area I missed, is a bench and a fountain.
The bench is to the right of the BBQ and table, just barely out of the picture.

The pot of Abutilon is sitting on the bench.

And this is the fountain.
A blue ball, that I got her a zillion years ago, bubbles water out of the top.

And now, for the last section of the yard.
This area is at the very back of the property, alongside the garage.

The arbor has a Black-Eyed Susan vine on it.

Another color of Anemone and a cute little yellow daisy-like flower.

Lots more pots on the fence.

This bed has a path through it, as well.

More Fuchsias.

Three different colors of perennial Lobelia, or Cardinal Flower.

Chocolate Cosmos.

A lavender, variegated Phlox.

Some crazy tall sunflower things that reseed like CRAZY every year.

And last, more shots of that Anemone.
I need some of this one.

And that concludes the tour of August in my mom's yard.
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  1. Hi Mindy- Just popping back into blogland-will be back full time soon. Your Mom's gardens are AMAZING!!!! No wonder you have such an amazing way with plants- you inherited it. I will go check out your other yard crashers after I get caught up a bit.

    Happy Labor Day to you and your sweet family- xoDiana

  2. All I can say.....Absolutely Beautiful.....stunning!!! No way could I even try to figure out what I loved most. Oh who am I kidding, I have lots more to say 😃 I have lots of questions too. Lol. I will email you when the kids are in bed. Happy Labor Day! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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