Friday, August 29, 2014

T Is For Tortoise: A Kid Lunch

Haven't seen a Fun Food Friday post 'round these parts in a while, have ya?  I know, bad Mommy.  Can you believe I've done 78 of these kid lunch posts?  Well, 79 now.  Wow, clearly I was more motivated with only two kids.

I figured we'd commemorate the new addition to the family with a lunch in her honor.  And really, this one didn't take any more time than making regular sandwiches would have.  Super easy and all three of the kids loved them.

I used Sandwich Thins to make ham and cheese sammies for the shells.  Cucumbers for heads and feet.  Candy eyes. Lettuce for lining the platter.  Lemon cucumbers and cherry tomatoes to "feed" the babies.  Lantana to add some color.

Here's lunch:

Enjoy the three day weekend!
The two oldest kiddos are back to school on Tuesday.
1st and 3rd grade.

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  1. How cute. I have a 1st Grader and oh my goodness still can't believe it a 7th Grader!!!!

  2. Mindy! These are so stinking cute!!!
    Love your photos :0)
    Have a great weekend,


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