Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Silly Eggplant

Hey, hey, hey.  I'm still here.  We had a go, go, go weekend, so I haven't had time to go through any pictures, let alone write posts.

The Girl whacked a chunk off the top of her thumb Friday morning with scissors, working on an art project, and that pretty much started off our weekend with a bang.  Tons of blood, and I had to remove a piece of flesh from the scissors, but we managed to get it under control and the day continued.

For their ten year anniversary, my brother-in-law threw a surprise Luau party for my sister at their house Friday night. Complete with live music and a pig.  Loads of flowers, an insane amount of food and drinks, and a group of great people.  I didn't take my camera, but my brother-in-law put me in charge of his, so there should be photos coming in the next week or two.

During the slideshow portion of the party, we were abruptly interrupted by someone saying, The Girl is hurt and it looks pretty bad.  The Dad and I went running in the house to find her sitting in a puddle of blood.  He looked and said, we've gotta go, NOW.  So we threw her in the car, me on the floor of the minivan holding a rag around her foot, and drove like crazy to the hospital.  Four loooooong hours in the ER later, she has seven stitches in her foot.  She had a run in with the elliptical in their garage.  Or like my friend said, the eriptical. It shredded the meat on the top of her foot pretty good.  She's a serious trooper, though, and only cried in the car on the way when she saw how freaked out Mommy was.  She didn't complain once in the ER, and we were there until 2 in the morning. 
Good times.

Anywho, after all that excitement, we let her sleep in the bed with us that night, then picked up the other two kids Saturday morning.  We hung with some out of town family for awhile, then headed home so I could get some stuff in the yard done.  Then back to their house to eat Luau leftovers for dinner.

Sunday, we headed to the river with some friends and spent the day there.  Ya know, 'cause when the doctor says NOT to get the wound wet, the first place you should go is the river.  
And then the poor thing got stung by a bee on her other foot.  
You almost have to laugh.

So how much do you love this eggplant?  Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  
I almost couldn't eat him.  

He even has hair!

The first thing I thought when I picked it was, Oh my gosh, this needs eyes!!!
So the kids dug some googly eyes out of their stash and we stuck them on.
One example of it being more than okay to play with your food.

I've got a busy week, so don't know how much I'll be around.
The garden beckons....

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  1. Sorry about your weekend and glad your daughter wasn't hurt worse. Maybe next weekend will be better.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Are you kidding me with your sweetie!!!! Poor girl!!! I am so glad she got to cuddle with you both that night...she sure needed it. And YES I love that guy up there...put a huge smile on my face friend! Seriously! Wishing you so much luck as I know you have your big day this weekend! Talk soon and good luck with everything!!!! Nicole xoxoxox

  3. Hi Mindy, and wow--I hope your daughter is feeling better and on the mend. That sounds like a rough weekend, but I do love Eggplant Man:)

  4. I hope your daughter is doing much better now. It makes me hold my breath to even read about it because I know it's just a matter of time before we have our own emergency room visit with a little one as accident prone as ours... I love your little eggplant man - that "nose" is a crack up.


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