Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Favorite Corner Of The Garden (this week)

I'm so friggin' tired of working in the yard.  Well, just tired in general.  My body is beat.  Who's idea was it to do this open garden tour anyway?  My house is trashed, there's piles of laundry to wash in every room, and now I have to go make dinner.  What I really want to do is take a hot shower and climb into bed.  Or, just sit here and close my eyes.  I'd be out in seconds.

If you garden, you know how easily we can change our minds when it comes to favorite plants, spaces, corners, etc.  Sort of similar to liking the kid most who's behaving the best at the moment.  :)

I rearranged some pots in the backyard and this is my favorite spot right now.

It's four pots total.  One is up on a little table.
One pot is Cuphea by itself (the tag is MIA).  One is a mixed bag Coleus and 'Landmark Rose Glow' Lantana.  One is Tri-Color Sweet Potato Vine and 'Floral Carpet Yellow' Snapdragon.
The last is 'Nymph Coral' Salvia and another mixed bag Coleus.

I have this particular Lantana in pots, and in the ground, and they're both doing equally well.

I really wish I hadn't lost this Cuphea tag.
All the plants I bought at Xera have missing tags.
Which means I put them someplace "safe" so I wouldn't lose them.
The flowers on this one look like a little critter.

It's like a bat, hanging by his toes.

These photos aren't technically in the same corner, but they're also another spot on the deck that makes me happy right now.

Yes, that's one of my Lewisia blooming, again.
Seriously, Grace, how can you NOT love this plant?!

Next to it is my broken pot garden that my mom gave me last year.
It's a little overgrown, but still cute.

There's also more of the 'Nymph Coral' Salvia in a pot right next to the little table.
I love it.
Both this one, and the white, are definite annual winners, as far as I'm concerned.

And that's it for today.
I took a bunch of pictures out back after dinner last night, and this morning, so more yard posts will be coming soon.

Oh, and FYI, I did get that hot shower, but no bed.
I made Philly Cheesesteak Sammies for dinner and sat down to finish this post.
Now, according to the eldest, it's movie time.

Shameless plug alert:  
Just a little reminder that you can purchase my floral photographs in my Etsy shop.
If you see one in a post that isn't in the shop, shoot me an email, I'd be more than happy to list it for ya.
The Dad will send you a thank you letter for supporting my plant addiction.

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  1. It's all looking beautiful! I love your pot groupings and your broken pot garden is adorable. I will definitely have to invest in some Lantana for next year, the flowers are so pretty.

  2. Good luck on the tour this weekend! I hope you have fun!

  3. So beautiful!! I love how lush your backyard looks. Mine is totally burnt to a crisp, even with $200 dollar water bills. UGHHH!!

  4. At first I thought you wrote, "philly cheeseCAKE" sammies. Ha, ha. ... Your special corner is fabulous and right when I saw that photo with the blooming Lewisia, I thought, what??? Only you, my dear could make that sucker perform so beautiful and timely! Nice going. I had that Cuphea winter over for me one year. Maybe it will do it for you this year. It's such a pretty plant. I love the little gnome and birdhouse hiding in that pot. So cute. Great post.

  5. You have a beautiful garden and some great combinations! Love that cuphea.

  6. Love that corner pal! That grouping is fantastic as you can't tell where one plant starts and the next one begins! When is your tour???? Is it tomorrow??? Well I would say by the looks of it you are going to know some socks off! Your broken pot garden made me happy! Now I know what to do with some of my pots that got slammed from the winter...genius! Let us know how it goes and that movie sounds like a great idea! Oh by the way I literally had the most hilarious dream the other night...I made it out for you garden tour...ha! Anyway...good luck!! Nicole xoxo

    1. I meant to say knock some socks off...i need to go to bed!

  7. That corner is just amazing! You have such a talent for grouping things together in a natural, arty, perfect way. Doesn't matter if 'a group of plants of a collection of pictures. It's such a GIFT! I love how you can' really tell where one pot ends and the next begins. And such a fantastic mix of foliage, texture, and color. People are going to just love touring your garden. All of your hard work will pay off as you get overwhelmed with compliments, that are all deserved! And when its all over, have the Dad take out to your favorite watering hole for a celebratory drink!

  8. Ahhhh . . . your garden is always so beautiful!
    I love the 'corner' that you selected! It's so lush . . . and beautiful!
    I can't even imagine the hours you put in ~ making it look so perfect.
    As always, thanks for sharing with us. It's like I get to take a little vacation when I visit you :0)
    I hope you're having a great start to your week,

  9. I can't get sweet potato vines to grow to save my soul - even on a hot west facing patio! Very pretty cuphea and salvia - I have lots of plant lust after looking at this post!


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