Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Third Week Of August In The Backyard

I went to Cistus, Joy Creek, and Means for the first time ever today.  Kinda awesome.  As if I have any room for new plants. Especially this time of year when everything is crammed in like sardines around these parts.  So fun, though.  And yes, I bought a few.  I'll share in a later post.  Now, I must purge some of these backyard photos before it's September.

Up first, a Cuphea that I bought at Xera, that I can't find the tag for.
So irritating.
I know, it's hinting at orange.
I may be starting to embrace it.

Speaking of orange, my four-year old mystery plant is putting off the season's second set of blooms.
The color is way lighter, which is sorta weird.
You can see a photo of what it typically looks like on my left sidebar.

I bought this yellow Cosmos late, so it didn't really get a chance to do much, but the color is bright and cheery.

The peachy-colored Verbena is so pretty right now.

This white Anemone blooms late.  It's exciting when the first flowers open, but it always means summer is coming to an end.

I hope I don't regret putting this Willow in the ground.
It's all of a sudden growing like crazy.

The Geraniums officially have bud worms.
Nasty things.

All the Salvias love this time of year.
They're in full bloom.
Well, except for my 'Black and Blue', that's still just short foliage without a bud in sight.
Dang thing.

My fountain is hard to get good pictures of.
The Umbrella Plant is sitting down in it.

Babies of this Begonia came up in the yard this spring.
I have no idea what it's from.  Not a single one of them (and I moved them ALL over the yard) has a single bud.

The tree that everyone loves is in full bloom.
I HATE it.  The flowers are everywhere and it's a mess.

The Cosmos are like 8 feet tall.  It's insane.
The little ones in pots are covered in mildew.
I probably won't buy either one again next year.

The Morning Glory that I let go is blooming good.

I'm likin' this color combo of the purple Basil, Oregano, and pink Pentes right now.

I had to take another couple pics of the 'Otto's Thrill' Dahlia.
This thing is amazing.

One of my cute little potted evergreen trees had a few volunteers pop up.
Two different Impatiens and a Nicotiana.
It's crazy how they just show up and grow.
I didn't grow any Nicotiana this year because they get worms so bad, so I was happy to have this one.

The self-seeding Verbena bonariensis is in the backyard, as well.

And that's it for today.
I still have a full rest of the week, but I'll be popping in when I can. 

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  1. Your garden in August is stunning!

  2. It looks beautiful!!! And embrace that orange sista!!!!! The cosmos and anemone about knocked me off the chair! Pinning them to remember to put them in and get more for next year! I think I have my anemone in the wrong place because they aren't preforming for me. I loved everything I saw here and your vignettes as always are perfect! Here is to a great weekend! Nicole xo

  3. I love that cast iron piece with the handle! *gush! What is it? The rest looks amazing!!

  4. Mindy, that peach colored verbena is Ah-maz-ing. It would be so pretty in wedding bouquets....with a navy and white striped ribbon tied around.

  5. You still have loads of pretty flowers! So much of my garden is winding down and needing to be cut back. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I'm getting a little done each day. My Salvia 'Black and Blue' never reaches flowering size. I'm going to pull it out and replace it with plain old Salvia patens.

  6. Love your flowers. Interesting that the begonias reseeded but haven't flowered yet. I love reseeders.


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