Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall Decor: Antonio Dinner

As I mentioned in the table setting post, my $7 dollars worth of Trader Joe flowers, combined with yard and neighborhood scavenging, plus two grocery store kale plants, left me with enough for more than just the centerpiece.

I made a big bouquet for the dresser that's in the dining room, as well as filled the wall vases and another bouquet for the living room.  I figured it would be more fun if the fall festivities didn't stop at the dining table.

I used a copper container again for the dresser bouquet, but it didn't hold water, so I stuck a serving bowl down inside of it to hold the water and arrange in.
I took the two kale (one's on the backside) out of their pots, pulled some of the dirt off, and stuck them in plastic baggies.
I stuck them inside the copper pot, on the outside of the bowl.
I'll take them outside and put them in the dirt when the bouquet bites the dust.

The wall vases just got a mix of fall leaves.

For the bowl in the living room (it had my gourds in it, but I stole them for the table setting), I went out and pruned the Forsythia that was drivin' me crazy with all its wild hairs.  I used those greens and the last of my white Cleome flowers from the backyard.

Here's a couple shots of the whole wall in the dining room.

And some close-ups for fun.

And last, DIY globe lights plugged in and candles lit.
Ready for company.

The menu is up next.
Then I get to start bombarding you with Christmas stuff.  :)

Side note:  Anyone have any clue why my Recent Posts widget up top isn't updating?
There should be six photos across the top, but every time I do a new post, I lose another one.
It's down to three photos at the time I'm typing this, but once I hit publish, it will most likely only be two.
Any suggestions of how to fix it or where to look for answers would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I have no idea why that widget isn't odd. I hope someone can help you fix that...I have been having issues with I can't follow anymore blogs because I follow 300 and that is the max that you can follow...anyway! Your bouquet is gorgeous! Such a stunning mix of plants you used and that copper container is perfect!!! Your home has such a richness to it friend! Well done!! Wishing you a great week ahead! Nicole xo

  2. I don't know why the widget isn't working but I would try uninstalling it and then installing it again. It's my only technical plan, lol. When you first said that was forsythia leaves I was wracking my brain thinking I've never seen those flowers on a forsythia, lol.


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