Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Just popping in to throw some kid pics up.

No elaborate costumes to share.  The Kid wore a hand-me-down Scooby Doo costume.  The Girl was a cat, although you can't see her tail in any of the photos I got.  And Baby suckered The Dad into buying a costume at the last minute, even though we had plenty of things for her to wear.  She went as Rapunzel, though the wig only lasted .3 seconds.

Here's Halloween this year at our house:

And there ya have it.


  1. So sweet. Hope they got lots of loot!

  2. Look at those cutie pies! Love the pics :)

  3. They are adorable!!! Love those sweet smiles!!! Doesn't get better than this!!

  4. The Kid I'd hilarious as Scooby and I love how The Girl is a fashion conscious kitty with all the accessories! And, it's kind of perfect The Baby didn't wear the wig because she was just going for the Rapunzel look after Flynn cut her hair ;)

  5. What cuties! Here Halloween was miserable, cold and very wet. I felt sorry for all the kids and their frozen parents. We got not a single kid at the door. Very disappointing!!

  6. The kids looked great! Love the Scooby costume and I love how the girl has made her cat costume so girly too! And good for the little one to have Dad wrapped around her finger! No hand me downs for that cutie!


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