Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Perfect Gift For The Person Who's Impossible To Buy For

I tried to come up with a shorter post name.  Clearly I failed.

I think in general, men are much harder to buy for than women. Unless they have some sort of hobby that needs supplies.  I wracked my brain trying to come up with a birthday present for The Dad that didn't suck.  It's so hard.  Then I saw this on Pintester.  She did it for her husband's 40th birthday.  Sold!

So it's pretty simple, really.  You come up with the same number of gifts as their age.  They don't have to be big fancy gifts.  Gum, snack mix, socks, etc.  Wrap 'em all up and write a poem to go with it.  Fun, no?

I used the Pintester's poem as guidance to get started.
You may want to bust out a rhyming dictionary for some help if you get stuck.
I printed the poem out and used some scrapbook paper to make it a little more special than just a piece of computer paper.

You can wrap everything individually, or do what I did and put everything into one big box.
You've gotta love the box I used for someone pushin' 50.  :)

I wrapped a couple things, but mostly just used tissue paper.

Do you know how many mushy spouse birthday cards there are out there?
This card pretty much sums up life with me as a wife.

So there ya have it.
The perfect gift for the person who's impossible to buy for.
It could work for little kids and adults.
I think it's fun, and would be more than happy to open a box full of goodies.

For those of you who were squinting up there, here's my poem to cheat off of:

For your 47th birthday,
I went out and I found,
One thing for each year,
That you've been around.

We'll start with 1 card,
A Happy Birthday wish,
1 bag of jerky,
It's the beef one, not fish.

1 bag of snack mix,
It's cajun, they're spicy,
1 jar of hair goo,
Dang that stuff's pricey.

1 half rack of beer,
Plus there's 12 more,
That outta save you a trip to the store.

1 package of Red Vines,
1 tin of mints,
7 boxer briefs,
They're solids, not prints.

2 blocks of cheese,
Smoked Gouda and Stout,
1 bag of ground coffee,
You'll share it, no doubt.

2 bottles of body wash, 
2 flavors of gum,
2 sticks of deodorant,
I hope that's not dumb.

1 bag of sunflower seeds,
1 of mystery meat sticks,
5 gift card dollars for Starbuck's, 
to give you your fix.

1 bottle of gin
2 green juicy limes,
1 bottle of tonic,
Ingredients for good times.

Now you're nearing the end,
Of rhyming poem bliss,
That's 46 things, 
The last is a kiss.

Happy Birthday, Chachi!


  1. Loved this!!! It is cute and personal and clever!!! A very happy birthday to the dad!!!! Gonna copy this one!!! Nicole xo

  2. Serious awesome sauce here. I'll have to give this a try for my husband too if I can get to it here quickly.

  3. I saw this too on Pinterest and thought that would be so awesome to do for my husband. But did I do it........NO! Of course you did, lol, you are a party throwing, gift giving, decorating .......extraordinaire! :) I do all this in my head all the time, but don't actually do it! HA!


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