Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life Snippets #15

I have some photos from November that I need to purge, so I'm throwing those in with newer December ones.

Baby helping with dinner.

The date on this photo is November 10th.
We started the Christmas music early.  :)

The Dog and The Cat snuggle when no one is watching.
If they realize we're around, The Dog starts barking at The Cat.

Aware she's been caught.

An Elf showed up at our house December 1st with an introduction letter.
The kids think he's the greatest thing ever.
He hasn't done anything too naughty, yet.

Crazy Baby.

I made a huge vat of Pear Sauce.
Plus, it gave off so much liquid, that I strained it and will use it as Spiced Pear Cider.

Baby could eat her weight in that stuff.
Speaking of Baby and pears...

More sleeping doggy pics.

And last, a reminder from Michael.

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  1. Baby looks so cute in those photos! And the pear sauce looks and sounds amazing Mindy! Loving those cute furies on the couch together as well! I have yet to do an elf but your post may just have convinced me to get one!! Happy and Merry and weekend to you! Nicole xo


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