Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random Thoughts & Tidbits: Part 21

It's time.....

  • Rico Sauve - it's impossible to say without the oooooo and the ayyyyyy on the ends.
  • If you had asked me, as a 5-year-old, what I want to be when I grow up, I would have told you a farmer.
  • If you asked me, as an almost 40-year-old, what I want to be when I grow up, I would say, a mom, living on property, in an old farmhouse.
  • Some things are just predestined.
  • We adopted an Elf on Monday.  His name is Michael.  To say the kids are excited, is the understatement of the year.
  • Apparently, a classmate of The Girl's doesn't believe in Santa Claus.  She says it's her mom.
  • Last night, before bed, The Girl whispered that she might not be here in the morning.  I asked where she would be.  She said she was going to try to go with Michael to the North Pole, but don't tell her brother, 'cause she didn't want him coming with her.  She was going to prove that little girl in her class wrong.
  • It may have been the most awesome conversation I've ever had with anyone, ever.
  • December rocks.
  • How do you decide which treats you're going to make for Christmas?  I have like 25 I'm trying to narrow down!
  • I have 1100 lights on my tree this year.  Is that a lot? Some people in my life seem to think that's a lot.  To the point of making fun of me.  Is it a lot?  It doesn't look like it's too many.  I may be a wee bit neurotic about weaving them into every branch, but I still don't think it's more than necessary.
  • After quitting my job to stay at home with the kids, I went for a solid year without buying a new razor.  I felt guilty 'cause they were so expensive.  So I used that nasty old, dull-ass thing FOREVER.
  • I still use a razor for way longer than what should be normal.
  • A guy from ShaveMOB emailed me a few weeks ago, asking if he could send me some samples to try out. Um, hello, yes, and please.
  • I'm used to the cheapy, 3-blade max, disposables.  They sent me two kinds of SIX-BLADE razor heads.  Whoa.  I couldn't get used to the flex head (it's the oval shaped one), maybe because of what I'm used to, but the regular one is kinda rockin' my world.  I've been using it for about two weeks and haven't cut myself once.  
  • There are several shaving sites out there right now - I see them pop up on Facebook now and again - but I'm diggin' the fact that with this one, you don't have to sign up for anything.  You just order.  They send you a reminder for when you're due for a new pack, but there's no "club" you have to join. Which, for me, who very rarely showers, is good, since a pack of four blades would last me way longer than two months.  I probably shouldn't admit that.
  • Anywho, they're offering stocking stuffer kits right now that include a handle and a 2-month supply of heads (3, 4, or 6 blades).  You can get them to suit a male or female. You have to order by the 17th to get them for Christmas.  And, it's free shipping.  Woot woot.

  • And now you know way more about my hygiene, or lack there of, than you ever wanted to know.
  • I've felt a little puky all day today, and Baby has had some serious belly issues since last night, so I'm gonna get dinner on the table and hunker down for the night. 
  • December is NO time to be sick.


  1. 2nd grade will be worse. All my daughter's classmates told her Tinkerbell is not real and she's like, "I don't know what they are talking about. I saw her myself at Disneyland!" I hope your daughter can prove her classmate wrong. Kids grow up too fast. 1100 lights is crazy. How do you keep the lights from getting tangled up and how big is your tree? And thank you for not telling us what you shave :P

  2. Hope you're feeling better. I leave my razor blade way too long before changing it as well. I think I resort to friction because there's no way the blade can cut anything, then I might change it, lol.

  3. You crack me up! I needed this post right now as I am running around like a mad fool...put things off way too long this year! And boy do I love the conversation you had with your sweetie...nothing sweeter or better right??!?! And I too want property and an old house....actually there was an old farmhouse built in the 40's up the street on 2acres...I looked at it...I took the Mr....and then he said it may be too much to take on right now...I cried! Ha! I'm still holding on to the dream! And your razor bit sounds like me...thanks for sharing that link! Well my light loving friend I hope that the season is treating you well and that you all get over the bug fast!!! Happy week!! Nicole xoxo

  4. I am having the same problem as you, I can't figure out which cookies/treats to make this year. My list is too long and I must narrow it down. Oh I would love to know what cookies your making?! I am sure they will be the best! Please share with me :)

  5. I love your random thoughts and tidbits. I hope you feel better soon. It's not fun to be sick in December or any month for that matter. ... We didn't do Santa Claus at our house. Steve and I told our kids we were giving them gifts. As adults, they're not too terribly warped. As for the razors, well let's just say that my tweezers and I have a very intimate relationship.
    Have a great weekend.


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