Monday, March 16, 2015

The Backyard: 3/13/2015

It's still not worthy of too many pulled back photos, but I was out with my camera again for some closeups.  I need more bulbs in my life.  They would definitely help fill in all the bare dirt until perennials were up doing their thing.

I love when all my little trees start leafing out.
If you've been around for a minute, you know I have a lot.
Almost all of them are in pots, for lack of space.
This a willow.

My cute little red leaf maple baby from my aunt.


I mentioned to The Dad a couple weeks ago that this is the year the palm has to go.
You would have thought I said we were getting rid of our first born.
Apparently it's one of the only things in the yard he cares about.
Soooo, instead, we did a major prune job on the lilac that's planted next to it.
They were becoming one with each other and it was driving me nuts.
I'd much rather let the lilac do its thing, but I'll let it go, for this year.

Under the palm is my fountain.
I got that all cleaned out and it's officially up and running again.

The peony to the right of it is up and at 'em.

The Kid's pot is puttin' on a daffodil display.

The 'Summer Cheer' Daffodils I planted last year are a wee bit early, I'd say.

This bed is gettin' a makeover this year.
I always put some of my veggies and herbs in here, but I'm fillin' it in with perennials.
I did leave out most of the veggies last year, with my driveway trial, and instead filled in with tall annuals like the Cleome and Cosmos.
It's a hard spot, 'cause it's half full sun, half only morning sun, and it's split almost down the middle.
The blueberry is on the shady end and does really well.
The other end has a Mock Orange.
We'll see how I do fillin' in between this year.

And last, one of my favorite plants in the garden right now, my gold bleeding heart.
Dicentra 'Gold Heart.'

Gah, it's so pretty.


  1. Love that bleeding heart....what a pretty lady! And all of your leaves! Ah! Such a sight for the eyes! I just got some indoor seeds rocking today....the ones you sent me are all ready to go!! It is all fantastic Mindy! So much happening had me cracking up about the palm! Keep em coming!!! Happy gardening! Nic xo

  2. Yes, I'm currently sharing only closeups of my garden too. I love this time of year, when everything is just leafing out.

  3. I have my eye on your willow branches! I pay big money for bare branches that look just like yours. They're gorgeous!
    And I'm loving your daffodils! They're extra pretty after what looks like a recent rain. Ahhhh!
    Seriously though, your backyard looks like the kind of nursery that girls like me LOVE to go and visit!
    Thanks for sharing, Mindy!

  4. I'm probably the only person who lives in Florida who doesn't like palm trees. Just not my thing.
    Your daffs are amazing! So jealous!
    Love the Tonka truck as garden art.
    Spring is waking everything up there, for sure!

  5. Everything is really early this year. I just can't believe it! I love the gorgeous bleeding heart. The fresh green color is simply amazing. I'll look for it at the local nurseries here. I never new you had a palm tree. That's actually really cute and of course your husband wants to keep it. Duh!!!!!

  6. We have a fountain too. It's on our front deck and we have a hummingbird that comes in the morning to take a bath in the running water. It's so fun to watch. Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday Garden Party.

  7. We have Gold Heart too. It really lights up a dark corner and gets bigger each year.

  8. I don't know why I don't have that bleeding heart. It really looks outstanding in your garden. Actually each of these photos make me giddy. So lovely.


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