Friday, March 27, 2015

The Backyard: 3/26/15

There are so many new things to share out back this time around!  That's what happens when you leave for more than a couple days.  You come home to all sorts of fun stuff.

Up first, Clematis.  This is alpina Helsingborg and I love her.

Buds are coming on my metal arbor clematis, as well, but no color yet.

The Lewisia is starting to bloom.
Eeee, I love it.

Here's a couple pulled back pics of that whole area.
I stayed true to my word and planted a clematis at the base of the palm tree.
That's why the chicken wire is there.  I'm hoping it will make me hate it less.

The neighbor's rhody is blooming.

Down in front of that, my variegated willow is leafing out.
I put it in the ground last year and hope I don't regret it.

A couple shots looking back that way from the deck.

Speaking of the deck, I've decided this big planter needs some bulbs in its life.
I stuck in a couple clearance rack ones, that will be good next year, as well as a couple primroses and ranunculus.  But I want to cram it full, so that's it pretty even before it's time for annuals to go in.
The strawberries are comin' in the fence pots.

A sweet Alpine Shooting Star and a couple mystery yellow flowers.

Back out to the garden, the barberry is so pretty right now.

The naughty violets are coming up everywhere.
They're so sweet, though.

Down the wine bottle path, my Lathyrus vernus has its first flowers, the pink bleeding heart is up and blooming, and the blueberries are goin' crazy.

Some sweet primroses that I'm fighting the slugs off of.
I'm trying Sluggo for the first time, and so far, I'm not sold.
They're still eating the crap out of everything after two applications.
I know Deadline is bad, but it works.

The shady spots are comin' along, too.
My epimedium, that I've had forever, is blooming.
(And Susan, I just discovered new growth on the one you sent me.
Unfortunately, there's no sign of the variegated Solomon's Seal.  Yet.  I'm not giving up hope.)

My other new hellebore baby, shared by a neighbor.

A plant that jumped in my cart at the nursery, Columbine 'Leprechaun Gold.'

And another one that recently came home with me, a blue corydalis that I can't remember the name of now. 

And last, just for fun, a couple pulled back photos, looking out from the  back corner.

That's it for today.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


  1. Mindy, Your backyard is absolutely gorgeous. All that hard work and planning you put into it makes it a real showstopper. I love it. Wish I could see it in person. We don't have a single speck of green here yet. xo Diana

  2. I love looking at your garden pictures. Your unknown yellow flower could be a sedum.

  3. Oh Mindy, I am so jealous that you get to enjoy so much green and gardening in March. I seriously tell my husband every time it snows or gets cold that we need to move to Oregon. I tell him how you guys have a very long growing season compared to us here in Northeast Ohio. A zealous gardener like me needs to be able to garden more than a few months out of the year :) I started seeds indoors and when it warmed up, I started putting them outside during the days and spent my days cleaning up my flower beds and getting so excited for the warm weather. Then what happens, we went back to cold and snow! YUCK!!! I am so over it, that now it just makes me MAD!! I didn't know you had that much grass in your back yard :) When does your actually Summer start? Are you at the tail end of your Spring?

  4. AMAZING!!! I can not get over your rocking space my friend! I loved your long shots today buddy and I cannot wait to see that clematis at the base of your palm!! A great idea you! Pretty beyond words and your plants look so happy!!! Have a great weekend!!! Nicole xoxo

  5. What an extraordinary walk through your spring garden Mindy! I love how you've landscaped and put all of these beautiful plants together! Spring is such a special time of year and you've inspired me even more to get outside and enjoy it's beauty!

  6. Wow, everything is greening up very nicely! Your neighbor's rhody is and I think I'd like to be a naughty violet if I could be a plant. And I love the clematis and the bell shaped flowers. It is gorgeous. Might take me awhile to catch up but I'll get it done. Have a good evening!

  7. I bought a Lathryus vernus last summer and it is blooming now too. I really like it. Great idea to put chicken wire and plant a clemmy up the trunk of the palm. It'll look great. And look at all the buds on your Lewisia! Holy cow. Mine don't even have a hint of buds yet. Your pink rhodie is exactly that shade of pink that I adore. I've got those pesky violets all over too. I have a love/hate with them. I hope the warmer weather comes back.

  8. It is still brown and cool here, but things are looking up. I noticed snowdrops are peaking up out of the ground last night when we were walking the dogs.
    Your back garden is looking spectacular Mindy. I have tried and failed to grow a blue corydalis. Maybe this spring I will try again. Yours is sooo pretty!

  9. The Lewisia are SO healthy! Mine look awful. Love the ladder display too.

  10. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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