Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas In The Living Room 2016

As threatened, I'm back with pictures of the living room, all decked out for Christmas.

I'll try to keep the words to a minimum.
The pictures are a plenty.
I mentioned yesterday that I had moved the wine cabinet to the living room when I moved the old ice chest back into the house.
I brought the big N in from the yard to put on top of it.

The bookcases surrounding the TV got some Christmas love.

I finally have a Fir Lady.
I brought the dress form plant stand in from the yard and decked her out with some burlap and fake greenery.
I wanted to do the real deal greenery, but then she would have had to live outside for it to last.
Unfortunately, our porch just isn't big enough.
So I guess she's a Faux Lady.
I have those little wire lights in her skirt on a timer, so she comes on when it's dark.

I also mentioned yesterday that we put the tree in a new spot this year.
It usually takes up residence in front of the big living room window, but we always have to move a chair out when we do it.
So we tried this spot this year and it has worked out pretty good.

My poor star was on tilt.
He's fixed now.  ;)
You can see the Christmas Book Advent basket under the tree.
Still one of my favorite things.

The corner that remained unscathed.

You can find the story behind all the clothespin ornaments you see poked around the house here:
Here are some pulled back shots of the room.

This year, Santa gets to wear the hat that I wore home from the hospital when I was born.

The mantle, of course, got all of the old insulators again.
It's still one of my favorite decorations.
It was interesting rounding them all up this year.
I had a bunch outside for summer, so I had to hunt those down.
I found 16 of them out there.

Our Elf, Michael, had a pretty good hiding spot on this morning.

And last, the inside of our fake fireplace box got a last minute switch up when I scored this amazing coffee tin from a friend the other day.

Squeal....I love it!
So that's Christmas in our living room this year.
Several change ups from year's past, and a few things left out, like the Christmas curtains, but still festive, I think.
Our kids got a Snow Day from school today.
Not a flake has fallen from the sky yet.
Ahh, to be an Oregonian.
Fingers crossed we get a blanket on the ground before the day is over.

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  1. Cute as always! I love all your lights everywhere. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas! Your kids get a snow day and no snow?? Lol. My kids are having a snow day today and its a blizzard outside.


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