Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Initially, I was a little concerned when, instead of announcing "it's a girl", you said, "oh no".  Mommy knew immediately that meant I was a girl.  But when you were the first one to hold me, I knew then you were special.

Mommy was really sick for the first 12 hours after I was born, so I got a lot of snuggle time with you.  For the four days we were in the hospital, you changed my diapers and held me when Mommy slept, so she could heal enough to take me home.  I even heard the nurses talking about how the majority of dads just sit in the room and don't do much.  Even they were impressed with how much you helped to take care of me.

Because I'm so little, Mommy pumps every time I nurse to make sure I'm getting enough to eat.  Since the beginning, you've been the one to finger feed me that extra food so that I learn Mommy is only for nursing.  That means, every time Mommy feeds me, you feed me too.  Even in the middle of the night when most dads would get to sleep.  Mommy and I think that's pretty great.

I love when, after you're done feeding me and I'm awake for a little while, you just sit and stare at me.  And talk to me.  I can tell by the way you look at me how much you love me. 

Sometimes when Mommy is looking at me, it makes her sad to think about the babies who don't have a daddy who love them and take care of them like you.  It hurts her heart to think they aren't loved the way you both love me.  She just can't fathom it.

Mommy knew you were special when she married you, but she couldn't have even begun to imagine what an amazing dad you would be.  I am so lucky and blessed to have a lifetime of calling you Daddy.

I love you.

Little Laney


  1. Hey!

    Hope you`re feeling better!

    Laney is the sweetest little girl and what a writer!

    Send me your address; I want to send you somehting.


  2. So happy for all of you! Such a lovely message for an awesome daddy. Girls are the apple of daddy's eyes. We live you all and you did a wonderful job mommy!! :)

  3. Totally tearing up over here. That Laney is much more sentimental than her mom. ;)

  4. Aww, how sweet, Another daddy's girl. So, you're just the milk mama? Haha!

  5. SO beautiful! Congratulations on your little Laney! She is perfect! Hope you're feeling great!

  6. Oh my goodness, little Miss Laney is so absolutely precious!! I've been thinking about y'all so much lately and wondering how everything was going. Glad to hear that she is healthy and that you have such great help at home (Great job Dad!) but not so happy to hear you weren't well after the birth! Hope you are better now. Congratulations!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful family and your wonderful new addition! I hope you're feeling good and all of you are adjusting comfortably to a new perfect little life!

    I have to say, I LOVE this post because it's so very much my husband, too! We welcomed twins, our third and fourth babies, in October. Two girls. And while we knew they were girls, when we found out my husband pretty much said "oh no" too! :) But my goodness, my twin girls and my almost 5 year old daughter have their daddy wrapped around ALL of their fingers and he just adores them! I LOVE watching him talk to them and making them laugh. It just makes my heart swell.

    Congratulations and God Bless you and your gorgeous family!

    1. Thank you so much Stella! THREE girls, eh? Oh my, you're in trouble in a few years!!! :o)
      Thank you again for such a sweet comment.

  8. Sweetest post ever. So happy for you and your family :)

  9. I love photos of Daddy's looking at their babies with so much love that you can feel it. Having kids is hard work I can't imagine trying to raise them without the help of a loving daddy. It also makes me so sad to know that there are so many daddy's out there that don't feel that way about their kiddos. Great tear jerker post!:)

  10. I love seeing the love between Laney and her daddy--so sweet!

  11. *TEARS* :') omg, baby laney's letter to her daddy totally touched my <3...Congratulations to your new baby girl Mindy and Lani!!! Makes me wanna have kids of my own. I miss and love you guys!! I can't wait to meet her soon!!! Take care. ~Crystal


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