Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, I'm a day late.  Yesterday did not quite go according to plan.  I had to wake Baby up to pick up The Kid from school and it screwed up both of our schedules for the remainder of the day.  She's super easy, as long as you don't mess with her plans.   Waking her up after only 30 minutes of deep sleep to load her up in a stroller and walk in the cold rain was not on her agenda.  She made me pay for it.  One of the moms from The Kid's class offered to pick him up in the mornings.  Today was the second day of that and it's a HUGE help.  Now if I can just get the little one on a schedule that leaves her awake at 2:00, I'll be golden.

So, my plan was to post the kids' Valentine's lunches yesterday afternoon, but it just didn't happen.  Instead, here's our day in pictures:

Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

The Kid's school lunch.

Camellias that I swiped from the neighbor's tree.
(They're fair game if they hang over the fence into our yard, right?)

The Girl's lunch.

Delivery from my nephew.

Delivery from my mom.

Pot of spaghetti sauce started for dinner.

Sleeping baby.

Cookie decorating.

Spaghetti dinner.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!


  1. Just wanted to say "congratulations" on your sweet baby girl. She's really fortunate to have both of you as her parents. It will be fun watching all three grow and prosper.

    1. Aww, thank you Niki! That's so sweet of you to say. I still can't believe we have THREE kids! She's still so small, I almost can't count her yet. :o)

  2. Looks like a beautiful day, sorry it got bunged up.

  3. You have flowers already!!!! Everything looks super Yummy!

  4. I want those cookies! And look at that sweet picture of Laney. I love her green bedding. So precious. Your big kids look so happy with those cookies. Fun!

  5. Your day looks great! The kid's lunches look amazing! You are such a fun lunch mom!!! :-) I need MAJOR help in that kids just don't like eating!!!

    1. For the most part, both the kids have been good eaters, but The Girl is going through some sort of picky stage and it makes me CRAZY. She won't eat something just because she doesn't like the looks of it. Even if she devoured it a week before. Turn it into a flower and she's all over it. lol


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