Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Front Yard

These pictures are old, as far as spring gardening goes.  I took them last weekend.  I figured I'd better get them on here or I'll have a post three miles long worth of flowers.

Here goes.....

The lilac from my header is in the front yard.  It didn't bloom all that great this year, but here are a few shots nonetheless.

This columbine is at the base of it.
It should be blooming any day now.

The snowball viburnum is earning it's keep, once again.
One of my favorite plants, ever.

Got my hanging porch pots planted and hung.

This is looking out from the porch.

Here are a few more random shots.

I'll stop there for now and save the rest for another post.
It's supposed to be another beautiful weekend here in P-town, so I'm looking forward to more playing in the dirt.


  1. Okay, seriously why are you not at my house planting awesome-looking things for me. Come on,...I'll feed you and I've got wine. What more do you want.

  2. Gorg. I'm really jealous of that white flowering tree.

  3. I love mature lilacs. So pretty. We are contemplating planting one in our yard, but it would take years to grow to that magnificent size.

  4. Beautiful!!! I love viburnum and agapanthus. (hope I spelled them correctly). I know that you must really enjoy your yard.

  5. Your garden is just beautiful. I love it.
    Where is P-town?
    I am in love with that white flower ... It's the 5th picture up from the bottom just above the pink rannuculus. What are they called?

  6. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the nice comment.
    I'm in Portland.
    The white flower is my mystery bulb. I've never planted it, but it comes up in the front and backyard. Someone told me it was the bulb the Indians used to eat and it started with a C, but I'm not positive that's right and I can't for the life of me remember the name they told me.


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