Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden Angel

Tee hee.
I was able to work in the front yard on Sunday and she was my little helper.
She was rootin' on the slug massacre.
I have lots of pictures of my progress for another post.

Can you believe this little peanut is 3 months old today?!?!?
I can not.

I also can not believe how much she looks like her big brother did as a baby.
It's seriously uncanny.
Every day I look at him and wonder, if I put a dress on him, will that be her in six years?
Don't worry, I won't.
Probably won't.

I'm pretty sure I was knocked out and injected with his clone.
 He wore these jammies.

 And here's her twin.

She just needs a couple pounds on her to fatten up her face a little.

 She's been waking up around 6am to eat, so when she's done, I just slide her over onto The Dad's side of the bed if she falls back asleep.
He's in the shower by that time.
Yesterday morning, she woke up there such a happy baby.
So, of course, I grabbed the camera.

Goofy girl.
Last week, she giggled for me once.
Then she giggled for The Dad once.
Yesterday, she did it like four times in a row while I was dancing her to sleep.
It was all about the dip to Kanye.
I can't wait for it to be consistent enough to get it on video.


  1. sooo cute! it's crazy how much she looks like her big bro.

  2. so cute - almost makes me want another baby. Almost.

  3. OMG, what a perfect garden angel. I love her smile. And I want to see this Kanye dance. Give the camera to The Girl and have her video you and Laney dancing. Didn't you say that you wanted to put more pictures of you on your blog? (hehe)

  4. Awww, what a little sweetie. I love how she's giving you that sideways giggle look. Super cute.

  5. What a perfect looking little angel!! Seriously you make cute kids :)

  6. She's just a little sweetie pie!! And a garden angel too. I commend you on starting her early on the ongoing war with the slugs. Smart mommy! :)


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