Monday, April 7, 2014

The First Week Of April In The Backyard

More flowers for ya today.

I'll start with one of everyone's favorites.  Bleeding Heart.  I had one for yeeears, that was giant, and then I lost it two years ago. My mom gave me this one last year.  I was super excited to see that it made it.  It's not even in full bloom yet, but I couldn't help myself.  I had to take pictures.

I bought myself this one last year.
The golden leaves practically glow in this corner.

Speaking of glowing, I love this barberry.
It's such a happy color this time of year.
It's just a little guy, so I may need to find a spot for another one.

This spirea has the same glow-factor.

Here's a couple shots of what that whole side looks like.
The Solomon's Seal isn't up very high yet, but it'll be completely filled in pretty soon.

I failed to cut back the clematis, that you can see up against the fence, after it bloomed last year.  Which is why it's threatening to take over.
It's so hard to whack it when it's still so pretty and green.
But this year I'm doin' it.
It's solid buds right now.

Down in the dirt, the grape hyacinths are blooming.

Cute little primroses.

Lungwort, Speckled Spring.
This poor thing isn't doin' a dang thing here.
I may need to try moving it.

Pretty hosta leaves.

Buds on the dark purple lilac.

A volunteer violet in a pot.

The wine bottle path and The Kid's daffodils.

I've been digging tons of shade perennials.
I took some over to the school, for where they're starting a shade garden.
The rest are all going to a friend who's fixing up her backyard.
It's just dirt right now and it's full shade.
Her husband is the one who did all the plumbing in the kitchen for us.
To help repay them, I'm doing their backyard.
If she says it's okay, I'll take before and after pictures.
So far, I've hauled over three wagons full.
You can see the pots piled up here.

The kids dug up all the hellebore seedlings and potted them.

I always get excited when this epimedium blooms.
I was good this year and got all the old leaves whacked off before the buds started comin'.
It is not a fun task if you wait.

This is one of my potted curly willow trees.
They're so pretty when they first start leafing out.

I bought this lewisia last year at the Leach Botanical Garden sale.
Look how many buds it has!!

They're having the sale again this year.
My mom and I are going again.
If you're in the area, it's definitely worth your time.

And last, the neighbor's rhody is starting to show color.
This sucker is giant and is quite the sight to behold when it's in full bloom.
Lucky me, it hangs over the back fence.

That's it for now, kids.
We had a gorgeous day of sunshine today, so I got to work in the yard all day long.

Shameless plug alert:  
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  1. Both the school and your friend are going to have gorgeous gardens with your guidance and contribution of all these beautiful plants. That rhodie is so beautiful. And there is no way I could cut back the clematis. It is going to be so pretty!

  2. Beautiful plants! I keep telling myself I have to get one of those gold-leaved bleeding hearts--hopefully this year! I've started a list already for upcoming plant sales :) And that's early for a rhodie to start showing up--it's a really pretty color.

  3. Those bleeding hearts are amazing!! I can honestly say I had never seen them before (I had heard of them...) before the pics I've seen from your garden. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

  4. Sorry, that was my hubby's google account :)

  5. My goodness mercy, Mindy......I just don't know where to begin to tell you about my oooohhhing and aaaawwwing over your photos and your garden from my point of view on my computer. First of all, WHERE do you live that you have bleeding hearts already? I'm in SC and mine are still coming up out of the ground. What a gorgeous piece of eden in every spot in your garden. Great green thumb and superb photography . . . do you give e-lessons????? Seriously!

  6. Your garden is just fabulous girl. Isn't it frustrating to have those dang bleeding hearts just up and die? I've lost so many that I quit growing them. I hope you have better luck. Looks like your windmill palm made it through the winter. Most of the ones growing here in Corvallis are as dead as a corpse. Very sad. Your signature flower, the beautiful lilac is almost here! So beautiful. Enjoy the sun!

  7. Oh, I think I'm in love with your hyacinth. What gorgeous color!
    Love how you barter with friends for things you need done. It looks like spring has definitely sprung there!

  8. Shut up! You have the most beautiful garden. Ever.

  9. Your garden already looksvery busy!

  10. I like monkey tails.


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