Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Alright, picture overload warning.

My sister and brother-in-law hosted Easter brunch again this year at their house.  Everyone contributed something to the meal - I took the Pistachio Dessert - the kids hunted eggs, we ate and ate and ate, and everyone just hung out and visited.

Here's our day in photos:

We had cream cheese with pepper jelly and a roasted red pepper-chipotle dip for apps.

Mimosas, of course.
Orange juice or apricot nectar for mixin'.
I went with apricot all day.  :)

My bouquet contribution.

My mom brought Lewisia for my aunt and my cousin's wife.

For the Easter egg hunt, we let the two little girls start first, Baby and my niece, while the big kids waited, not so patiently.

The other camera-whore in the family.
He's so much better at people pics than I am.

Bring on the big kids...

Then, everyone had to check out their loot.

Am I the only one who can't believe how old they're all getting?
The Girl was just a little peanut when I started this blog.
The Kid hadn't started kindergarten.
Baby wasn't even a thought yet.

Okay, up next, food, food and more food.
It was all kinds of delicious.

Along with the Pistachio Dessert, we had some sort of cheesecake bars that had like a churro topping.
My cousin's wife made them and they were BOMB.

After everyone ate themselves sick, we all moved to the sidewalk where the kids played basketball, rode bikes and scooters and skateboards, and just tore around in general, for hours.
The Blazer game ended the day and then it was home for bed.
Another good Easter for the books.

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  1. Love everything! The food, the flowers and the bunnies jumping in to the pots! And there is just something about little peanuts hunting for eggs that is so darn sweet! She is a doll friend! You guys know how to throw a party! Looked like a beautiful day!!! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. Hello,
    Now that looks like a super fun Easter. Those lilacs have me desperate for warmer weather here in Michigan. I received your note in my mailbox yesterday. Thank you for such a kind gesture. I am thrilled to be one of your first Etsy customers. I am definitely a fan!
    Your buddy,


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