Thursday, October 9, 2014

Garden Tour Through New Eyes

Remember the neighborhood garden tour I was a part of?  Ya know, the one I still haven't done a post about?  Ha. Well the lovely Tamara, writer of the blog, Chickadee Gardens, was one of our guests and she did a post about it today.  It's pretty crazy to see your space through someone else's lens.  And it didn't hurt that she only had nice things to say.

To check out our yard through another set of eyes, you can see her post here:

And thank you again, Tamara, for taking the time to come by, as well as writing such a kind post.


  1. Mindy, that is awesome! I am going to go check out the post!

  2. Your garden tour is amazing!! Good job!!! So jealous. I wish that you could come on down to Louisiana and help us a little bit.

  3. It looks amazing, as always! I'm a little partial to your photos though ;0)

  4. Tamara did a fabulous job photographing your lovely garden. I really, really need to see it in person.

  5. So awesome! Your garden rocks!


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