Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Parking Strip: 3/19/15

I got out front with my camera last week.  Then we headed to the Rock Farm for five days, so I'm officially behind in the plant post department.

I'll start with the area right outside the fence.

I haven't been happy with this area the last couple of years, so I finally went down there and ripped a bunch of stuff out.
The Plumbago on both ends was threatening to take over, so I spent several hours digging all of it out.
Runners galore.
Once I got it all out, I put two small pieces back in.
I also ripped out some other trailers that weren't doing anything, as well as a ton of Snow In Summer, that also likes to be a bit bossy.
I left the Aubretia and some Creeping Phlox, although it never does anything for me.
I stuck in a two pieces of a new Campanula with limey green leaves called 'Dickson's Gold', and two new Saxifraga.
One is 'Highlander Rose', the other is 'Touran Deep Red.'
I also put in a new Heather that stays low, but spreads wide, Calluna vulgaris 'Flamingo.'
I'll add a few more things as they jump into my cart this season.
I uncovered the existing buried rocks, and added a few more.

I've never done anything with the strip that's level to the sidewalk.
Well, that's not true, years ago I put in Bishop's Weed.  
I spent the next several years ripping it all out.
Talk about naughty.  It climbed right up into the main part of the garden with it's naughty little runners.
It still comes up on occasion.
Anyway, since then I've always just mulched it.
Alyssum comes up solid in there from reseeding, as well as the occasional Feverfew.
If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd take 'em.
Ground cover of some sort?
It's mostly just a weed and cigarette butt collector at this point.

Here are some closeups of the new babies I stuck in.
I just bought one 4" pot of each, and other than the Heather, I divided them in half to get two.

The existing Creeping Phlox, with one measly flower.
I don't know why I can't get this stuff to grow for me.

The Aubretia, on the other hand, is quite happy down there.

On the driveway side of the fence, the climbing rose, that gets every disease known to man, is comin' along.
I threaten to rip it out every year.

I took a few more tree pics.
I couldn't help myself.

I did a little bit of rearranging down in the parking strip.
Ripped out that nasty Aster that the birds planted last year.  
It's pretty, but that stuff is awful.
I planted Gladiola bulbs for the first time ever.
I've been told I have a Granny Garden on more than one occasion, so I figured I'd make it official.
I also planted a Peony from the main garden, moved a grass, and stole some of the variegated Iris for the backyard.
The Artichoke under the wooden cage is up, but if it's as pathetic as it was last year, it's comin' out.

Oh yeah, I also put in a piece of a red Lobelia that my mom gave me.

The Candytuft I planted last year is bloomin' its little heart out.

Both the Scabiosa made it through winter and are aready puttin' out buds.

A competition to see who can be the naughtiest.
Croscosmia is tryin' to fight its way through the two bullies.

Both of the Rhubarb plants are leafing out.

And last, a few pictures of the babies in the driveway planter.
Radishes and garlic, both of which were put in a few weeks ago.
I also have tomato volunteers coming up already in the pots they were in last year.

It's amazing how fast things grow this time of year.
After being gone for five days, the backyard looks completely different.
I, of course, was out there with my camera this morning.
Post to come.


  1. Granny garden? Well only if that is an endearing term. I love all your gardens. The front, with the fence then the rocks lining the sidewalk... is really nice. You've done a fantastic job with it and your hell strip. I have tried and killed that sweet Saxifrage more times than I can count. I just love those little flowers. I'm loving or gardening weather!

  2. I was wondering where you were!!! Hope you had a great time!! Look at you go with those veggies!!! And your long shots of your front space is awesome! It has such great texture! Are you looking for just low in front of the fence?? It is all so gorgeous!!! Man! Everything is blooming!! Keep them coming friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Oh and the seeds you sent me are rocking! Im so pumped!

  4. It looks lovely. Isn't it amazing how things just take off once spring hits? Mother Nature is a wonder.

  5. Your garden is looking great. I love the rock border in front of the fence. That looks very cool. I think I would be inclinded to stay with mulch at the ground level or I'd try moss (if its damp) or a short thyme if its dry. You definitely don't want anything too tall because those rocks look fantastic. As always, it is great to see your garden.


  6. Looks beautiful. I love it all. Your tree is absolutely stunning. I started some of those groundcovers by seed this year. I really hope they get big and flower when I put them in the ground. :)

  7. What's the groundcover with the cute little yellow flowers?

  8. Wow, Mindy! All I can say is that this would be so beautiful and wonderful in my landscaping! I enjoy ALL of your ideas. I couldn't help myself either with a camera in your yard either! Beautiful!

  9. I think low growing herbs, like thyme, oregano or marjoram would be good for the strip at the sidewalk, especially since they winter over well too. And they don't build homes with parking strips anymore. That is so cool you have that extra space in front of your home for gardening. Your garden has such a lovely new Spring green color to it. I love it.

  10. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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