Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Time + The Crazy Kids

Time to clean out the Baby photo file again.  Man, they add up quick!  It's hard not to snap pictures every day.  She'll only be little for such a short period of time.

Here's the most recent little critter shots:

Before you look at these next ones, let me just say, I don't normally set her next to the toilet for naps.
She fell asleep while I was in the shower.
Do the people in your house do this with the toilet paper roll too?

I think the look on her face in this next one pretty much says what she thinks about the hat her mom put on her.

No, no pictures!

 The Girl took this last one.

Now, for the video this time, I don't have Baby.  I have kids.
Let me give you a little lead-in.
It's about 5:30 in the evening.  
We're waiting for The Dad to get home so I can finish getting dinner on the table.
I have a baby sleeping on me.  
I have a glass of wine on the table that I can't reach without waking up Baby.
We're all still wearing our pajamas.  Don't judge me.
 Every day at this time, when all I want to do is sit in silence, the kids get this burst of energy that is seriously from another planet.
Also, please notice the fact that the same song is on repeat.
At the point of the video, I had probably heard it 15 times.
And then heard it another 15 once the video was done.
You can hear some muffled words coming out of my mouth.
Ignore them.
What I'm really wanting to say is:  "Kill me now".
Here is our typical, early evening, weekday:

And part two - yep, same flippin' song:


  1. Yeah, that energy right there is more than I have in an entire week. Yikes. Beautiful photos. As for the toilet paper, we have a slide-it-on version or else that would be our house too. :)

  2. I declare, I saw some white-socked toes keeping time with the beat too. I bet your children sleep REALLY well at night. It's wonderful that you let them get their energy out like that. YES. Certain people are too lazy to replace the toilet paper. Grrr! I SO wish the digital camera was around back when my kids were babies. These photos are just precious.

  3. I'm tired just watching those videos. Kids and their energy never cease to amaze me. I wanted to hand you that wine sooo bad! Laney has the sweetest smile. And I see she still gets lots of attention from her big sis (little mama).
    Ummm, I hate to say it but I do that all time with the toliet paper (head hung in shame).

  4. I want their energy!!! Ship it to me? Even if it came attached to the kid... I wouldn't mind... as a non kid haver... I sure would have lots of fun things planned! The toilet paper thing drives me nuts...

  5. Ah hahaha!!! I WISH I had that kind of energy - oh the things I could get done! Someone needs to get you a refill on that wine ASAP!

  6. Your babies are adorable!!! But that toilet paper roll kills me- I laughed so hard- thank you!! I feel your pain:)


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