Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

"I don't want to take a nap today".  Uh-huh, clearly.

The Easter bunny made it to our house this morning.  The kids are watching "Tangled" with The Dad, and The Mom needs to get showered and rounded up for ham at my sister's house.  Mmmm, ham.

I have lots of posts for next week, now I just need time to sit down and get them written.  Keep your eye out for a yummy family recipe dessert, a new recipe appetizer and lots of new things blooming in the yard.  And probably a baby picture - or ten or twelve.

Hope you all have a happy Easter with your families.


  1. Yeah, I was thinking it was time for some baby pictures :) Enjoy the day with your family...Happy Easter!


  2. Mmm,..I want a nap. Why do you want naps when you're older and nobody will let you have them? Happy EAster.

  3. My 3 yr old will tootle around her room for an hour before she finally falls asleep. Of course , this always happened about 20 minutes before I need to go pick up my boys but I figure a little rest will be better than nothing. Hope you enjoyed the ham!

  4. I miss me that little one. Jeez! Been forever!

  5. i want to cuddle right in between those two.... lovely.

    1. I mean... in an non-creepy stranger kind of way of course!


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