Thursday, June 26, 2014

Evening In The Backyard

We were sitting out back the other night and all the solar and twinkle lights were so pretty, I decided to attempt some photos.

A month or so ago, I picked up some solar light stakes at the dollar store.  I brought them home, took the stake parts off, and stuck them down inside the sockets of an old chandelier I had in the garage.  That's what's hanging in the tree.  Super cute and super cheap.  Five dollars to be exact.  The Dad has gotten me all the other yard stakes over the years.

The Girl scrubbed the shed doors for me yesterday.
Yes, it would have made me crazy to not say anything about how gross they are in these photos.

I also conveniently cropped out the dog's bathroom.
The lawn is so pretty and green where she doesn't pee.

And the arbor lights.
 I moved that heater today.
It was drivin' me crazy in photos, too.

Not a bad spot to drink my wine in the evenings.
It's been raining nonstop since last night.
Okay, that's a lie.
It slowed down long enough to take pictures of fuchsias today.
Happy almost Friday!!!

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  1. Your space lit like that is stunning! Not a bad place to kick back at all friend! Just beautiful! And that chandelier rocks! And one more thing...I would never have noticed the shed doors because everything is so darn pretty! Happy almost weekend!!! Nicole xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I made a chandelier with a solar light too, but mine only has one, and doesn't shed anywhere near enough light. I like yours way better. Your arbor lit up like that is fab!

  3. So pretty! And your grass is so green!

  4. That chandelier is so pretty--what a great idea! Love your backyard.

  5. It's funny, just a few years ago finding solar lights was nearly impossible. Now you can get them at the Dollar Store! Who'd a thunk, right? Your photos are beautiful. I didn't even notice the shed doors or the heater until you mentioned them. Silly girl. It all looks fabulous. Now what I want is a solar water pump so I can have trickling water for my outer pond. There are a few available but they're still pricey. Hopefully the Dollar Store will carry them soon. :)

  6. Love the lights on your arbor Mindy. Oh rain, gosh but we could sure use some down in Eugene. Next 10 days all 88-94 and no rain in sight.

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