Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Second Week Of June In The Backyard: Part 1

It's amazing how fast things grow when you aren't home to see them.  Because I haven't done a yard post since before we left for Arizona, I decided I had better break this up into two.  There's lots of new babies bloomin', so I'll start out with photos of things in pots.

My mom just gave me this begonia the other day.
Isn't it cool?

The big deck planter and fence pots are comin' along.

I bought three different Cuphea this year.  
Do you think I could find the tags for them?
I probably put them someplace "safe" so I wouldn't lose them.
One still isn't blooming, but here are two of them.

This is a new-to-me plant this year.
It's pretty fun - I'm excited for it to get goin' good.
The tag has two names.
Pink Mulla Mulla and Ptilotus exaltatus, 'Joey.'

I looked everywhere this year for the white annual Salvia I grew last year that did SO well, but I never found any.
I did find the same type in a two-toned color, that I picked up instead, and stuck it in several pots.
This one is called Salvia coccinea, 'Nymph Coral.'  I've also seen it called 'Coral Nymph.'
My mom ended up finding some of the white and brought me a six-pack that I stuck out front.
Here's the peachy colored one.

More mixed pots.

Peach Verbena.

I've always done just Impatiens in my window boxes on the back of the house, but they faded early last year because of the new fungus thing they get, so I mixed it up this year.
I used Impatiens, Fuchsias, and 'Wojo's Jem' Vinca.

Speaking of window boxes, my experiment in the south-side ones is workin' pretty good.
I had mentioned that it was just too dang hot to try to keep up with watering annuals over there, so after years of fighting it, I decided to switch it up.
I stuck pieces of sedums and succulents down in last fall and everything is fillin' in pretty good.

My birdbath isn't as quick to fill in, since everything is newly planted this year, but it's comin' along.
I keep meaning to put some little rocks on top of the soil, but I just haven't gotten to it yet.

And last, my Star Of Persia is done blooming, but it still looks really cool.

I'll be back tomorrow with more backyard plants in the ground.

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  1. Hi Mindy, I have been reading your blog for ages now as I love seeing all of your photos of your beautiful garden. I have never left a comment before, but had to on this one when I saw your new plant Ptilotus Exaltatus 'Joey' I have one growing in my garden too here in Australia. The pink mulla mulla is actually an Australian native shrub, it grows in our dry regions as it likes a very well drained soil and is drought tolerant. It's amazing to see one of our Australian natives growing on the other side of the world! Love seeing your photos and good luck growing the pink mulla mulla!

  2. Hey you! I am loving your containers! Those succulents are insane in that shot! And that begonia! I have never ever seen a begonia like that before how stunning is that foliage! You always say that you don't have a plan for your annuals when you plant them...guess don't need one! You're just a natural! Happy gardening lady! Nicole xoxo Everything is stunning!

  3. I have a similar begonia and 2 cupheas. In fact the begonia is in a strawberry pot with a cuphea! Great minds!

  4. Oh-EVERYTHING is looking beautiful, Mindy. Your pots and planters are just lovely and will be really lush as summer moves along. I need to get outside and replant some things. The stupid voles ate the roots right off some of my things. I need to get a handle on them. UGH! xo Diana

  5. Mindy, how was your trip?? Hope you guys had a blast! That begonia is awesome, almost looks like a plant gone goth. :)

  6. You have a great variety of plants! I enjoy seeing them. I planted that Cuphea (Cigar Plant) once with a blue flower next to it and it was so nice! Too bad you couldn't find the salvia you wanted- I hate it when that happens. I was on the hunt for Foxtail Ferns this year and I finally ran across it and thought…I should try keeping them going through the winter so it's not so hard to find next year, but I am limited on places to set things. I like your window boxes- I hope the impatiens do better for you this year. So far I haven't seen any signs of that fungus. Fingers crossed!

  7. That begonia is amazing and it's not even in bloom yet! And what a good idea to put succulents in a birdbath--I like that.

  8. More and more I'm liking and growing sedums. They're such tough little things and look so cool all the time. I've found that Home Depot has a lot of nice bigger-leaved ones. How wonderful to have a mom who loves to garden too. The begonia she gave you is to die for. And I love that new cuphea. Great post, as always, my friend. I'm inspired.


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